5 Winter Skincare Tips

“I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter”


Bomb cyclones & polar vortex’s getting you down? SAMESIES! I’m the first to admit that I love me some cold winters – heck, we’re even getting married in the winter – but I think it’s safe to say that this particular winter season has been a bit of a doozy in terms of freakishly low temperatures. Like seriously freakish. THIS kind of winter possesses the very real potential to wreak unprecedented havoc on our skin of the likes we have never seen before, & lets be real… a chapped face & crusty hands, a la the Night King, is most definitely not a cute look on anyone. So lets go over some basic winter skincare practices shall we? (more…)

Eggnog Ice Cream

“I love celebrating the holidays. Sometimes I’ll even put some eggnog in my rum”


Okay so let’s just be completely honest with one another. Eggnog has, & will always be, the greatest thing that man has ever created over the course of our stint here on planet Earth. It is quite literally what I would imagine consuming dreams & rainbows would be like. Now I can only assume that all of you wholeheartedly accept this statement to be one hundred percent fact, so I therefore took it upon myself to dare to try & make Eggnog even more incredible than it already is. Guys… mission accomplished. This past weekend, Andrei & I made quite possibly the EASIEST Eggnog ice cream EVER. Like even easier than the infamous banana “nice-cream” that has overwhelmingly plagued our Insta feeds for the past two years. Yes… that easy! AND, I mean how perfect for Christmas Dessert right? (more…)

Chilly Weather, Hot Bod: 4 Tips for Winter Running

Post by Annika Ferwerda: Nursing Student & Running Enthusiast

The onset of winter means many changes. Shorter days, cooler temperatures, snow, ice and worst of all treadmill running! But there is good news! Although winter running can present many of the same challenges as running in extreme summer heat, I have compiled some of my favourite tips to keep you outdoors all year long! (more…)

Windowsill Mason Jar Herbs

“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments”

Janet Kilburn Phillips

 Welcome friends to my very first gardening experience… EVER! Yes, I’m giving the whole “green thumb” thing a go & I couldn’t be more excited about my brand new endeavour. Side Note: I’m also completely aware that perhaps November may not be the best time to test out the ol’ gardening skills, however I’m up for the challenge & I hope that you guys are too! So without further adieu… here’s my journey toward [successfully] attempting windowsill mason jar herbs!   (more…)

Winter Activities for the Holidays

“My favourite winter activity is going back inside & putting my pajamas on”

– Anonymous

Happy Friday & Happy Holidays people, because today officially marks the first day of Christmas break for kiddos across Ontario!! Do you remember getting that rush at the 3pm bell?! Pure & utter bliss. But although kids near & far may be rejoicing, parents often dread having to keep up with their candy-cane, sugar riddled children for two straight weeks. I therefore wanted to put together a short list of fun, winter activities designed to not only keep the kids busy, but also tips on how to keep fit for the average person over the holidays! Not to mention that keeping a regular fitness schedule & engaging in winter related activities can help combat the “winter blues”! ENJOY!  (more…)

Hearty Fall & Winter Salad

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food, & warmth”

– Edith Sitwell

To be honest, salads are still fairly strange & foreign to me… growing up I was a diehard meat & potatoes girl. My attempts at salad concoctions normally consist of either kale or spinach, coupled with whatever vegetables happen to be in the fridge; pretty standard stuff right?!  So when Holistic Nutritionist Connie Linton sent me this recipe for a warm, winter salad I was beyond excited to give it a go (& it did not disappoint!) Read on for her post & recipe:


Ginger & Pear Smoothie

Summer’s coming to an end & as tans & temperatures begin to fade, so does our body’s immune system. Yes fellow health nuts, cold & flu season is fast approaching armed with sniffles, coughs, & various bodily fluids of all different colours, textures, & smells. But just because the weather is taking a turn for the worse doesn’t always mean that our health has to follow suit. (more…)