5 Things to Do Before Attending Wedding Shows

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”

The Daily Hostess

To be completely & utterly honest here, I am not the biggest fan of attending Wedding Shows. This year marks the 3rd consecutive year that I have been to Canada’s Bridal Show at the Metro Convention Centre (twice as an MOH & now as the bride) & while I TOTALLY appreciate their purpose & the convenience of having about a bajillion vendors all in one confined space – not to mention, a few killer deals -it is also an extremely overwhelming & intimidating experience! Like very overwhelming. BUT – there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you can get the MOST out of your experience & really focus on snagging yourself quality vendors that you absolutely LOVE & are within your budget!  (more…)

Wedding Diaries: How to Create a Wedding Mood Board

“Every picture has a story to tell”


Okay so I’m  nearly positive that sharing our Wedding Mood Board publicly is likely breaking about a zillion Bridal superstitions & faux pas’… but YOLO… it’s our [wedding] party & I’ll overexpose it if I want to. I mean it’s not like I’m live-streaming the wedding dress for all of Instagram, Facebook & Twitterverse to see, right?! So I’m fairly certain that showing you a few of my favourite Wedding Pinterest Finds will not affect the future stability & longevity of our engagement/marriage. But I mean, stay tuned… (more…)

4 Core Tightening Exercises to Prep Any Bride for the Big Day

Post by: Jamie Fairbairn – Holistic Nutriton Student & National Level Water Skier

Every bride wants to feel amazing on her wedding day! Whether you’re looking to accentuate those super tight muscles in a body-con, “naked” wedding dress, or going for a more covered-up and traditional bridal look, these exercises will leave you feeling tight (& fabulous) in your whole midsection. Pssst… and don’t forget – grooms have the exact same muscles that us brides do! So get your guy to train with you and tag us so that we can see how much fun you’re having together!! (more…)

3 Budget No-Brainers for the Bride To Be and Her Guests

If you’re recently engaged or close to someone who is, you’ll realize how wedding costs can go through the roof no matter the budget. I’m talking about costs for the bride, and her guests. And hey – everyone’s got a tipping point, right? As a future bride myself (!!!!)  and the first in my family to tie the knot, I’m learning this all firsthand and would love to share a few experiences I’ve had in case they’re relevant to you or a loved one. Let’s share away so everyone can design a dream wedding with their specific budget – and your guests’ budgets in mind. (more…)

Let Them Eat [Gluten-Free] Cupcakes

“If we are what we eat… well, I am awfully sweet”


Ever since Lauren Conrad made homemade apple pies for her wedding guests, I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of baking for the big day! [insert collective gasp] YES, I do realize that this probably seems like an insanely daunting & impossible task, however if executed & planned correctly I kind of think that baking your own dessert would add for the most perfect, personal touch! ** Side-Note: keyword = kind of. I shall not be held responsible for the above statement whenever my “big day” comes 😛 (more…)

DIY Eco-Friendly Wedding Decor

“Every girl has her best friend, boyfriend, and true love. But you’re really lucky if they’re all the same person”


Ever since oh so hesitantly activating my Pinterest account a couple of years ago, I admittedly have become a bit of a self-proclaimed “DIY demon”. Not that I have, or will, ever reach a “Martha Stewart” level of craftiness, I have undoubtedly developed quite the penchant for all things involving glue guns. So with wedding season upon us, I thought it would be more than appropriate to share three, insanely adorable Eco-friendly, DIY crafts that are perfect for the Big Day! (more…)