Wedding Diaries: 13 Months Out

“Lets decide who we’re inviting to our wedding & who will never speak to us again”


Well, we’re officially about one month deep into some serious, full-blown wedding planning & this whole bridal ordeal still doesn’t feel anymore “real” than it did on the very first day of our engagement. In fact, I’m nearly positive it won’t fully feel like we’re actually getting married ’til we’re up at the altar exchanging “I do’s” – & by exchanging “I do’s” I actually mean wailing uncontrollably whilst attempting to verbalize literally anything that resembles words or a vow… THIS I am sure of. It’s going to be an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. Now regardless of whether or not the wedding ITSELF actually feels “real”, we still have to plan the freakin’ thing – AND considering the elusive “wedding planning timeline” is one of the biggest qualms for any newly engaged couple – I thought I’d share a monthly recap of OUR timeline here. Not that it’s right or accurate anything – but use it as a guideline, OR learn from our mistakes!! So without further ado… welcome to our first monthly recap! ENJOY! (more…)