Haliburton Life – “Get off the Dock”

“Wander without reason or purpose”


I am a total creature of habit, with a proclivity toward the mundane & a staunch devotion for anything involving routine. It’s honestly just my jam. I wake up each morning, hop on the subway, start the 9-5 work day, walk the hour & a half home – fittin’ in that fitness, obvs – & then proceed to work on the blog or any outstanding freelance pieces that are seemingly always on the go these days. On repeat… 5 days a week. (more…)

Wellness & Wanderlust

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”

Susan Sontag

Hola! I’m sitting here writing this from sunny Florida, which seems all too appropriate given the subject of today’s post… Wellness & Wanderlust! These days, it seems like literally everyone has been bitten by the travel bug!! SERIOUSLY! We live during a time where 6-month excursions to SE Asia are essentially a right of passage one must take prior to entering the “adult world”…  why not fit a little fitness between those full moon parties & your next piña colada?! 😛 So to fuel both your wanderlust & passion for wellness, we’re exploring 5 different health & fitness travel retreats that are offered around the globe!!  (more…)