2017 Fall & Halloween Bucket List

“The only thing getting lit this weekend are my fall scented candles”


Okay, I know, I know.…. I’ve done literally a MILLION Bucket List posts on both this blog & the Ambrosia Blog but truth be told I’m kind of OBSESSED with them! SUE ME. Also, to be honest, this week has been a bit taxing in terms of deadlines & workloads so a short n’ sweet Bucket List blog post is literally just about ALL I have time for, & can handle this week! So thanks in advance for bearing with me my lovely little readers! I promise to be a tad bit more innovative & creative next week 🙂 (more…)

Galaxy Photoz – The Uber of Photography

“Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future”

Sally Mann

I think it’s safe to say that me being neurotic about photos would be a gross understatement – heavy emphasis on both “gross” and “understatement”. And when the time eventually comes where I’ll have to book a photographer for some of life’s major milestones… I can’t even imagine, nor do I want to, the amount of stress & annoyance I will inevitably place upon both myself & those nearest & dearest to my heart. Looking for a photographer within your budget, taste & availability is HARD, so when I was approached by Leanne Ferguson, founder of the new Canadian based, photography app Galaxy Photoz Inc to collaborate, I knew that I immediately had to accept! Why? Because the service that this particular app provides will literally save my future self & the poor souls that will have to deal with me, a whole HECK of a lot of grief! (more…)

CycleBar’s Canadian Grand Opening

“You’re only one spin class away from a good mood”

via Pinterest

I am a bona fide “fitness class” connoisseur. Working out to a perfectly curated, 80’s rich playlist whilst executing various movements in complete synchronicity with a group of total & utter sweaty strangers is just my absolute jam. Side Note: I say this without any ounce of sarcasm whatsoever; I am one hundred & ten percent serious. So I’m sure that you can only imagine JUST how entirely excited I was when I was asked to attend the Canadian Grand Opening of CycleBar in Leaside a couple of weeks ago! BEST INVITE EVER! (more…)

2017 Restaurant Trends

“I just don’t want to look back & think… I could have eaten that


Okay so, to be quite frank, as of this past Sunday I had absolutely ZERO planned for the blog this week…. like literally nadda. Insert: semi, slight panic attack. That was until my grandparents took myself & Andrei to this outrageously delicious restaurant called Paradise Farms Bistro for brunch. Have you ever been? Well if NOT, you should really go ASAP because it is freakin’ amazing, & seeing as how this month is dedicated entirely to Forecasting 2017, I thought that it would be rather fitting to profile this magical bistro as part of a “Restaurant Trend” post for the upcoming year! Problem solved… whew! 😉 (more…)

December Bucket List

“I planned out our whole day. First we’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of tollhouse cookie dough as fast as we can, and then to finish, we’ll snuggle”

Buddy, Elf

As if your social calendar wasn’t already positively packed with an endless, sugar plum induced haze of  festive extravaganzas… I decided to bestow this perfectly curated Holiday Bucket List upon all of you today! So clear your agendas ladies & gents, there’s Christmas cheer to be had & copious amounts of eggnog & questionable fruit cake to be consumed; all gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, meat-free & of COURSE free from any, & all artificial colours &/or preservatives ;)… totally just kidding, it’s the holidays, & like the one time that I allow myself to eat ALL of the holiday foods… Anywho, here it is! (more…)

Live Out There Exclusive: Long Weekend Adventures For Torontonians

Hello fellow weekend warriors! Long weekend season is upon us and I’m ready to whip out my road-trip attire, camping gear, and beach-stuff. If you’re anything like me and sweaty fist pumping at the local EDM festival and jägerbombs doesn’t wet your whistle quite like it used to, don’t give up hope. There’s a world of things to do this weekend that don’t involve sweat fist pumping and furry leg warmers – Click here for some of the best long weekend adventures for Torontonians!

5 Things You NEED to Know About Spokehaus

“Music is a Safe Kind of High”

Jimi Hendrix

When my cousin first asked if I wanted to try this new spin class located in City Centre, I ignorantly grouped it amongst the hundreds of other spinning classes that populate our city. Well let me be the first to tell you… folks, this ain’t your average spin class! If I had to think of one word that accurately depicts Spokehaus, it would have to be “Sassy”. The amazing, cheeky kind of sassy that is oh so addicting & leaves you positively craving to come back for more. From the “out of this world” Instagram account, to the swanky studio, to the instructors’ themselvestheir branding is SO on point!  Not to mention, this workout is no joke!

Here are the 5 things you need to know about Spokehaus! (more…)

Monthly Ambrosia Blog Roundup

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments”

Bethenny Frankel

As most of you know by now, I recently began blogging for natural health food store, Ambrosia! Ambrosia is essentially a “one-stop shop” for all things organic produce, natural health, beauty, household & bulk food needs… not to mention their prices are out of this world amazing! On the first Sunday of every new month, I’ll be doing a round-up of all of my Ambrosia blogs written for the month prior! Check it out BELOW!  (more…)

Pan Am Recap; Synchronized Swimming

“Chlorine is my perfume”

– Unknown

Hi friends! Welcome to our Pan Am recaps for the 2015 Toronto Games! Any event that the HHH contributors are going to will be recapped HERE so be sure to stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for updates, tips, & pics! Today I’m recapping the synchronized swimming event from last Thursday! Also be sure to let me know if you guys have been going to any events because I’d LOVE to hear how your experiences have been! (more…)

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for [Organic] Ice Cream!

“Ice Cream cravings are not to be taken lightly”

Betsy Canas Garmon

Every time I hear that ever-recognizable ice cream truck jingle, my inner child immediately loses all control. Summer is simply just not summer without a little bit of ice cream here and there… especially on those super hot days! So I’m rounding up some organic/natural ice cream, gelato, & frozen yogurt parlours in the city, PLUS I’m including one of the simplest & healthiest ways you can make “ice cream” on your own!  (more…)