DIY Lemon & Lime Sport Drink

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”

Babe Ruth

Gatorade has a long withstanding title of being a total staple in the athletic & childhood “sick day” departments. I mean, who else remembers receiving a bottle of Gatorade bedside from their parents during bouts of the cold or flu? Aside from the obvious downside of actually being sick, this ritual was pure bliss – my personal flavour of choice was always orange or lime! However, there’s just one teensy, tiny problem with this little “situation”… Sport Drinks are typically loaded with sugars!! So today I’m sharing this incredible [& healthy], lemon & lime, homemade sport drink with all of you! (more…)

Summer Athleisure Wear

“Do your squats, eat your vegetables, wear red lipstick, don’t let boys be mean to you”

from #FitGirlCode

When it comes to personal style, I very much like to adhere to a strict dress-code involving some variation of flowy top/legging combination. Thus, the whole athleisure trend that’s happening right now is so up my ally – like I am very here for this moment in fashion. Seeing as it’s now officially summer (hurrah), I thought that it was more than appropriate to put together a cottage-inspired, athleisure ensemble that’s perfect for a Northern weekend getaway!  (more…)