Summer Swaps – “Better For You” Iced Coffee

“Coffee is a language in itself”

Jackie Chan

I am seriously one of those people that absolutely NEEDS to have their morning coffee on the daily. No coffee = A surefire way to guarantee that my day is spent nursing an endless string of headaches – no, this is not a joke – it’s that bad. I completely understand that this is a wildly unhealthy relationship with coffee… especially when I used to be a “double, double” type of gal. However, I’m slowly starting to make some slight adjustments in the whole caffeine department! Baby steps you guys! My new-found obsession, thanks to this sweltering summer, happens to be a “better for you” version of iced coffee.. of which I’m sharing with all of you today! Enjoy! (more…)

Healthy & Hearty: Protein Pumpkin Pie Muffins

Pumpkin in all its forms is a definite rage right now. I’ve decided to embrace pumpkin this fall and create my own version of a pumpkin muffin. I love delicious food packed with nutrition, but I’m not exactly a master baker and I certainly do not like to clean a lot of dishes – therefore these muffins pack a perfect punch to warm up a chilly fall afternoon. And you’ll only have to clean one dish! (more…)