Amp up Your Champagne with Some Antioxidant Action

“Champagne living, keep your life sparkling & your glass full”

– Anonymous

I already know what you’re thinking… Are you really trying to pull off a post claiming that champagne is good for your health?! My answer: Not entirely, but kinda sorta? 🙂 Trust me people, I am more than well aware that champagne is loaded with sugar & when consumed in copious amounts, can quite possibly cause the worst hangover of your entire life… but it’s New Years, & I also know that a majority of you will be popping at least one bottle at some point during the evening (plus sometimes you just need to YOLO… life’s about balance right?). So if you plan on having a glass tonight, here’s a few, fun, antioxidant-rich fruits you can add to your bottle of bubbily to maybe make it a teensy bit healthy 😉 (more…)

Health Benefits of Your Holiday Favourites

“Eat, drink, & be merry”

What comes to mind when you think of the holidays? Spending quality time with family & friends typically rank at the top of the list, however a close second has to be the traditional holiday treats & feasts. Admittedly, the majority of  my holidays are spent eating a little too much & working out a lot less (leggings just so happen to be my very best friend during the holidays… well, any stretchy pant-like material really). Holiday food is the absolute BEST (I could practically drink cranberry sauce) & it’s even better because you get to enjoy it with your closest friends, family, & loved ones. The downside? Holiday feasts often contain a hefty amount of calories, so come New Years Eve I’m often struggling to squeeze into whatever outfit I have planned for the evening. Therefore I thought I’d list a few health benefits of some classic holiday favourites – so now you don’t have to feel so bad at the family dinner table!  😉 (more…)