Eggnog Ice Cream

“I love celebrating the holidays. Sometimes I’ll even put some eggnog in my rum”


Okay so let’s just be completely honest with one another. Eggnog has, & will always be, the greatest thing that man has ever created over the course of our stint here on planet Earth. It is quite literally what I would imagine consuming dreams & rainbows would be like. Now I can only assume that all of you wholeheartedly accept this statement to be one hundred percent fact, so I therefore took it upon myself to dare to try & make Eggnog even more incredible than it already is. Guys… mission accomplished. This past weekend, Andrei & I made quite possibly the EASIEST Eggnog ice cream EVER. Like even easier than the infamous banana “nice-cream” that has overwhelmingly plagued our Insta feeds for the past two years. Yes… that easy! AND, I mean how perfect for Christmas Dessert right? (more…)

The Perfect Ginger Beer Fall Cocktail

“Cocktails are like a present you give to yourself”


You GUYS…. In case you weren’t following along on Insta over the weekend, one of my very best friends got MARRIED this past Sunday! It seriously could NOT have been a more perfect day – the decor was honestly so fabulously dreamy my iPhone Camera nearly exploded with pure & utter joy at what it had the PLEASURE of being exposed to that day! Also there was lots of love goin’ on, & I suppose that is also pretty great too 😛 Now seeing as how I’m still in somewhat of a “celebratory mood”, & also because tomorrow is the first OFFICIAL day of fall – SO MUCH TO BE HAPPY ABOUT – I thought I’d share this incredibly delicious Fall Cocktail with all of you today! ENJOY! (more…)

Get “Spring” Ready!

“Winter is when an ocean of miserable water falls from the sky. Spring is when an ocean of miserable water gushes out my face.”

via TheFunnyPlace

Although it legitimately pains me to accept that winter – or whatever warped smorgasbord of weather we were just subjected to over the past three months – is coming to a close, I am hesitantly excited for spring/summer & what it has to offer. I say hesitantly only because spring – for lack of a better word – SUCKS in my personal opinion, due to overly glutinous levels of rain, mud & all things “yuck” – it’s sole redeeming quality is that my birthday just so happens to be in April, & for those who’ve been following along for a while now – well, you know this is my absolute favourite day of the year! Anywho – I’m doing my best to embrace all things spring by looking forward to new styles & trends, because with a change in season, comes changes in our health & beauty routines!  Weather definitely has an impact on our skin & obviously plays an influential role in our style selections, so with a few minor adjustments here & there, I’m showing you how to be “spring ready” come March 20th(more…)

Eco-Friendly NYE Confetti

“There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate”

Robert Brault

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!! I trust that you all had a wonderful few days off spent with your friends & family! I’ve been busy doing absolutely nothing up North, & it has been particularly fan-tabulous – I seriously don’t think I’ve ever spent as many hours of uninterrupted pajama lounging & tv binge watching in my entire life. Uh-mazing. Well, now that Christmas has come & gone (can you believe it?!), I’ve already turned my focus to New Years Eve! So today I’m sharing a super easy & rustic, Eco-friendly confetti DIY that’s perfect for those of you celebrating 2017 up North or in the great outdoors! ENJOY! (more…)

World’s CUTEST Hot Chocolate

“Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, & you don’t need an appointment”

Catherine Aitken

Okay so this overly inflated Blog Title may or may not be a slight exaggeration, but this mason jar hot chocolate is pretty darn cute, is it not? I wish that I could take credit for this adorable DIY, but truth be told I was totally inspired by my Aunt Liz, whom is essentially Martha Stewart 2.0. Every year around Christmas, my Aunt gives out these cookie/baked goods recipes in mason jars to friends & family, & they are just SUCH a hit.. so I thought I’d try my hand at a hot chocolate version! This is a super easy & cost-effective hostess gift with the most perfect personal touch! Enjoy! (more…)

All Things Candles!

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”

James Hell

Candles are a serious Godsend when it comes to interior design; they’re often quite cost-effective, create a warm or relaxing ambiance & possess the ability to completely transform any space within your home. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love candles?! Not to mention, I’m nearly one hundred percent sure that candles are super great for the whole “Feng Shui” situation of your home… at least, I think that they are. Seems like this would be an accurate assumption, no? Anywho – today is obviously ALL about the candle, specifically what to look for & what to avoid!  (more…)

Spook-tacular Spirits… Literally

“Drink up witches”


The single best day of the whole entire year is a mere four days away… I seriously wish I could just press pause on this whole situation called life & soak up every single last ounce of this haunting time of the month. Alas, the powers of Click are regrettably reserved solely for Adam & the big screen, & I’m left attempting my very best to bask in all of Hallows Eve glory whilst it’s still socially acceptable to… because I literally celebrate Halloween all year round! SO, why not raise a glass to all things horrifying with these three Spook-tacular “Spirits”… do you see what I did there? (more…)

Stratus – The Food & Wine Lab Experience

“I’m having fruit salad for dinner. Well, it’s mostly grapes. Okay, all grapes. Fermented Grapes… I’m having wine for dinner”


I’ve never really considered myself to be a wine connoisseur – I was always the black sheep of the group ordering vodka seven’s whilst all of my classy, more culturally developed, friends sipped on fabulous varieties of merlot or cab sauv (Side Note: I had to Google both “merlot” & “cab sauv” to make sure I got the spelling right… baby steps guys). Praise all of the Wine Gods from above that I was eventually able to develop an affinity for all things fermented grapes, because I now understand how truly exquisite a fine glass of wine can be at the end of a long day. Well I am more than happy to report that whatever small understanding of wine I had before has increased exponentially after attending a “Food & Wine Lab” experience at Stratus Winery in Niagara-On-The-Lake. Snaps all ’round.  (more…)

Drive-In Essentials

“Cinema is entertainment, & people go to the movies because they want to feel good & forget about everything”

Vincent Cassel

My boyfriend & I try to get to the drive-in at LEAST two times each summer! It’s one of our absolute favourite things to do this season [aside from heading up North every possible chance we can get!!!!], & if you’ve never experienced the magic that is a drive-in… I seriously suggest that you give it a go! I’m obsessed with watching movies under the stars, I’m obsessed with the glorious scent of the vintage concession stand, & I’m obsessed with the 1960’s commercials of animated hot-dogs & bags of popcorn dancing frivolously about the screen; signifying the end of intermission! I’M OBSESSED WITH IT ALL. So in honour of “nostalgia month” here on HHH, I’m listing off my go-to, drive-in essentials! (more…)