DIY Cocktail & Bubbly Bar

“Lets not spend New Year’s Eve trying to figure out where to spend New Year’s Eve”


The bedazzled invites have been delivered, the sparkly ensembles purchased, & the overly indulgent recipe concoctions have surely been tested. Yes, New Years’ Eve is definitely upon us & when it comes to hosting what is arguably the biggest soiree of the year, there are a few tried-&-true party hacks to help you ring in the New Year in style… sans all the stress! (more…)

My Love/Hate Relationship with New Years

“We don’t remember days, we remember moments”

Cesare Pavese

I have a serious love/hate relationship with New Years. On the one hand, celebrating ANY occasion is pretty much my favourite thing of LIFE, not to mention it also presents a wonderful opportunity to reflect back on the year. However, the New Year also tends to bring on lot of anxieties. I’m very much a creature of habit & I often associate New Years Eve with a turning of the tides so to speak…. change is so not my friend!!! I know that this can be the case for many people so I thought that I’d quickly share my two cents! (more…)

New Years’ Eve: “A ‘Lived-In’ Look”

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick & pull yourself together”

Elizabeth Taylor

I’ve always felt like there is something SO truly magical about the time between Christmas & New Years!! Don’t you think?! It’s a little hard to put that warm “feeling” into words, but it really is the most wonderful time of the year!! New Years Eve in particular is like this big, fabulous birthday party that the entire World is invited to… & with a guest list like that, you must be sure you dress to impress!! So today I’ve compiled a list of totally foolproof New Years Eve “looks”, using natural & organic products! (more…)