3 Cottage Appropriate Meals for Canada Day

“On behalf of all Canadians… SORRY for being so awesome all the time”


When you factor out black fly & mosquito season, I’d say summer for us Crazy Canucks culminates to a mere four good, “quality weekends“. So when Canada Day long weekend hits, I tend to reserve said weekends solely for trips up to the Great North – aside from when there is some form of mandatory, “super important” social function tying me to the city, like a wedding or shower of sorts…. Which is just the actual WORST – kidding, kidding – but if we’re actually being honest here, I’m really only half kidding because I take my cottage summer weekends VERY VERY seriously. Anywho – my nonsensical, long-winded intro is not for nothing, what I’m getting at here is that I know the “ins & outs” of all things cottage – not limited to “socially acceptable cottage mannerisms” so to speak. And seeing as how Canada Day officially, officially marks the start of cottages, camping & all things summer social, I thought it apt to discuss one of the more traditional & unspoken, yet totally mandatory, responsibilities of a cottage guest: prepping a meal for the weekend! I’m therefore sharing a few different, SIMPLE meal ideas one can bring up for a summer weekend getaway with friends… because it honestly is such an ART! (more…)

Monthly Meatless Meals

“Nourish to me, is nourishing food, nourishing your family, nourishing your life”

Jamie Oliver

Our “Meatless” feature this month comes from Sheelagh of the lifestyle blog, Nourished Sweetly! I actually used to swim with Sheelagh waaaaay back in the day & funny enough, we’ve recently re-connected via social media/our shared love for all things wellness related! ENJOY folks! Hope you’re hungry! (more…)

Monthly Meatless Meals

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience”
James Beard


September’s Monthly Meatless Meal is “Coconut Braised Lentils” by Lisa Magoulas! Lisa graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition & has since achieved certifications in both professional & plant based cooking. She has an incredibly inspiring story which you can check out on her lifestyle blog here, but in the meantimeyou have to try out this dish! Thank you SO much for sharing this meal with us today Lisa! ENJOY!