Tips to Make the Resolution Stick

Post by Jamie Fairbairn: Kinesiology graduate & holistic nutrition student

Happy 2016!! The holidays have ended, the countdown to 2016 is over, and with routine beginning to settle in most of the New Years hype is over. Now thanks to social media, we’re constantly reminded of all the goals that we may not have accomplished over the past year. How did 2015 fly by… and what ever happened to our 2015 resolutions?! (more…)

Guilt-Free, Diet-Free, Traditional Christmas Dinner

Post by Jamie Fairbairn, Holistic Nutrition Student & Competitive Water Skier

The countdown to Christmas dinner is ON! We all have our favourite traditional Christmas/Holiday dish – but the sugar and calories consumed during a meal like this can leave us feeling guilty the next day. Before you turn away from this post in disgust thinking “[gasp] she’s suggesting I ditch the stuffing and eat a green smoothie instead!”… do NOT worry! Know that I’m simply encouraging you to think differently – smartly– while preparing your family favs!! My family tried this on Thanksgiving and the meal was delicious! (more…)