Eggnog Ice Cream

“I love celebrating the holidays. Sometimes I’ll even put some eggnog in my rum”


Okay so let’s just be completely honest with one another. Eggnog has, & will always be, the greatest thing that man has ever created over the course of our stint here on planet Earth. It is quite literally what I would imagine consuming dreams & rainbows would be like. Now I can only assume that all of you wholeheartedly accept this statement to be one hundred percent fact, so I therefore took it upon myself to dare to try & make Eggnog even more incredible than it already is. Guys… mission accomplished. This past weekend, Andrei & I made quite possibly the EASIEST Eggnog ice cream EVER. Like even easier than the infamous banana “nice-cream” that has overwhelmingly plagued our Insta feeds for the past two years. Yes… that easy! AND, I mean how perfect for Christmas Dessert right? (more…)

Black Cherry & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Floats

“Without ice cream, there would be darkness & chaos”

Don Kardong

When my dad first introduced me to ice cream floats as a child, I legitimately had zero idea how such a seemingly outlandish merging of items could taste SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD! I mean, this concoction is essentially fizzy, soda water topped with large dollops of frozen sugar milk…. how?! Answer: Who knows, but it’s seriously unreal & whomever decided to drop ‘said dollop’ of frozen sugar milk into ‘said glass’ of fizzy, soda water was pure genius. THANK-YOU! Below is a revamped, “better for you” alternative to this sweet, childhood treat! (more…)

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for [Organic] Ice Cream!

“Ice Cream cravings are not to be taken lightly”

Betsy Canas Garmon

Every time I hear that ever-recognizable ice cream truck jingle, my inner child immediately loses all control. Summer is simply just not summer without a little bit of ice cream here and there… especially on those super hot days! So I’m rounding up some organic/natural ice cream, gelato, & frozen yogurt parlours in the city, PLUS I’m including one of the simplest & healthiest ways you can make “ice cream” on your own!  (more…)