Festive Fall Water Infusions

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall”

Oscar Wilde

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a cooking event for LARABARS with Ambrosia & they served the most amazing cinnamon & apple infused water! Like it was beyond, & totally inspired me to try out a few different fall flavoured variations of this quintessential summer refresher! (more…)

Water 101

Post by: Jamie Fairbairn, Holistic Nutrition Student & Competitive Water Skier

Hey guys! I’d love to share the recent “water journey” I’ve been on with all of you (trust me- it’s actually fun!). As a Canadian (and part-time, wannabe Floridian) water is all around me… like everywhere! How lucky am I?! (more…)

Ease Your Sunburn Naturally

“Gohan… is that sunburn or are you blushing?!”

– Akira Toriyama

This past weekend in Toronto was GORGEOUS! Absolutely stunning… I couldn’t help but hum “Beautiful Day” by U2 wherever I frolicked (annoying for both my boyfriend & myself… one because I can’t carry a tune but ALSO because I have a strong dislike for U2… sorry fans!!!). Anyways… I couldn’t help but notice a few red faces speckled across the city on Monday – I feel like we all get so excited about the first “real” sunny weekend in what seems like a decade of winter, that everyone forgets how to properly apply sunscreen! SO, here’s how I try to ease my sunburn!  (more…)