Fiber; It Moves Your World

“Eat More Fiber”

– Anonymous

Post by Connie Linton C.N.P:

Our last nutrition post on HHH featured: “How to Break Up with Bread”. However, whenever I take on the “breakup” challenge, I consistently notice two things: Not only do I crave a piece of crusty bread or a crunchy cracker with my soup, but something always happens to my digestion!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE not feeling bloated or achy but the truth is I don’t go as much …Eh hem…ya know… POO! That’s right POO! I’ve never paid so much attention to poo as when I try to give up bread…


2015 Interview Series: Yoga with Whit

“Inhale Love, Exhale Hate”

– Anonymous

One of my New Year’s goals for 2015 is to help connect & showcase those within the Holistic Health & Fitness industry… while simultaneously providing YOU GUYS with the best tools necessary to take control of your own health (YAY!). I’ve therefore decided to conduct bi-monthly interviews with Health & Fitness professionals from various disciplines; so please let me know if you’d like to hear from a specific field!!! This month I interviewed Whitney Slightham; Yoga Student & Natural Health & Living enthusiast (she’s also a marketing agency director & consultant, writes her own Health & Travel Blog, & somehow manages to squeeze in time to make the odd, all-natural candle or two… wowzers). ENJOY!! (more…)

Health Benefits of Your Holiday Favourites

“Eat, drink, & be merry”

What comes to mind when you think of the holidays? Spending quality time with family & friends typically rank at the top of the list, however a close second has to be the traditional holiday treats & feasts. Admittedly, the majority of  my holidays are spent eating a little too much & working out a lot less (leggings just so happen to be my very best friend during the holidays… well, any stretchy pant-like material really). Holiday food is the absolute BEST (I could practically drink cranberry sauce) & it’s even better because you get to enjoy it with your closest friends, family, & loved ones. The downside? Holiday feasts often contain a hefty amount of calories, so come New Years Eve I’m often struggling to squeeze into whatever outfit I have planned for the evening. Therefore I thought I’d list a few health benefits of some classic holiday favourites – so now you don’t have to feel so bad at the family dinner table!  😉 (more…)