Halloween Cocktail & Bar Essentials

“Hocus Pocus, I need wine to focus”


Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been logging an inordinate number of hours to prep for my third annual Halloweekend Party up in Haliburton! A seriously unhealthy number of hours might I add. Guys, I literally treat this party with utmost seriousness. Like more serious than Christmas, my Birthday, Valentines’ Day, Easter & Thanksgiving combined. It is the REAL friggin’ deal. Now without a doubt, one of my very favourite things to research for my party has GOT to be the Halloween Cocktails – or “spirits” if you will! HOWEVER, I’ve always been wildly intimidated to actually try them out for myself! But THIS year, I’ve decided to throw my big boy pants on, & take on FOUR Halloween cocktails for my party – & I could NOT be more excited: they are so so SO on theme! So to help you guys also get into the spirit of things, I thought I’d share a few SPOOK-tacular Cocktail & Halloween Bar inspirations with all of YOU today!  (more…)

2017 Fall & Halloween Bucket List

“The only thing getting lit this weekend are my fall scented candles”


Okay, I know, I know.…. I’ve done literally a MILLION Bucket List posts on both this blog & the Ambrosia Blog but truth be told I’m kind of OBSESSED with them! SUE ME. Also, to be honest, this week has been a bit taxing in terms of deadlines & workloads so a short n’ sweet Bucket List blog post is literally just about ALL I have time for, & can handle this week! So thanks in advance for bearing with me my lovely little readers! I promise to be a tad bit more innovative & creative next week 🙂 (more…)

Spook-tacular Spirits… Literally

“Drink up witches”


The single best day of the whole entire year is a mere four days away… I seriously wish I could just press pause on this whole situation called life & soak up every single last ounce of this haunting time of the month. Alas, the powers of Click are regrettably reserved solely for Adam & the big screen, & I’m left attempting my very best to bask in all of Hallows Eve glory whilst it’s still socially acceptable to… because I literally celebrate Halloween all year round! SO, why not raise a glass to all things horrifying with these three Spook-tacular “Spirits”… do you see what I did there? (more…)

How To: Throw A Budget Friendly Halloween Party

“When witches go riding, & black cats are seen, the moon laughs & whispers… it’s near Halloween”

Quotes Pictures

GAH – this past weekend, I celebrated my second annual Halloween Dinner Party up North & I could NOT be happier with how it all turned out – like I am one million percent over the moon ecstatic with the end result. This years’ theme was “Creepy Carnival“, & I wanted to share just how easy it can be to throw a totally inexpensive, themed Halloween bash utilizing primarily recyclable materials & [somewhat] healthy treats!! Side Note: talk about bad timing with the grotesque overabundance of creepy clown sightings… whoops… but I promise I planned this theme & décor a YEAR in advance!!!!   (more…)

Vegan & Gluten Free Severed Finger Sugar Cookies

“I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it”

Edgar Allen Poe

Okay FULL DISCRETION: this recipe was friggin’ HARD! Opting to go for a more plant-based route, I was seriously lacking a good binding agent sans the eggs… are there any solid plant-based bakers out there that have a good solution for this little issue of mine?! LET ME KNOW PLEASE! Don’t get me wrong… the cookies were delicious & I’m totally happy with the end result – but this recipe was seriously a toughie! Nonetheless, I encourage you to try & attempt some form of this ghoulish delight for yourself… because seriously how cute?! (more…)

My Clinic Closet: Halloween Edition

“Double, double, toil & trouble, fire burn & cauldron bubble”


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This is my all-time favourite holiday so it was an absolute no BRAINER that this month’s My Clinic Closet should feature some past Halloween costumes of mine! BOO!

Ghoulish Books

“Books are a uniquely portable magic”

Stephen King

As mentioned before, I love a good scare… especially when it comes to books! In university, I enrolled in an elective Gothic Literature course & fell even more in love with this specific genre. I personally find these books both incredibly intriguing & enchanting. Here are a few of my tops picks to try out during the Halloween season! (more…)

Halloween Themed Walks & Runs in Ontario

“It’s as much fun to scare as to be scared”

Vincent Price

Call me crazy, but I LOVE being scared! In fact horror movies & Gothic literature are my absolute JAM… during my stint at Western University, I even enrolled in a few elective courses specializing in this very genre! So when Halloween rolls around, I completely immerse myself into all things horror. I therefore found it appropriate to also incorporate a little spooky, festive fun into my fitness routine… & yours! Below I’ve compiled a list of some Halloween themed walks, runs & hikes across Ontario to help keep you active during this ghoulish month!

Halloween Treats: Organic Chocolate Bars

“Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet, Give me Something Good to Eat!”

This past weekend I had the excruciatingly difficult task of consuming copious amounts of  chocolate in order to write this post just for you guys! You’re welcome! As I’m sure you’re more than well aware, Whole Foods can sometimes be a bit of a budget buster; to be honest it was the sole reason why I didn’t buy their entire stalk of chocolate bars (sooooooo many different flavours! Drool.) I therefore thought it would be useful to test out & rank some different  flavours so you could get the most value for your dollar… just in time for Halloween! (more…)

Mike Wazowski Pumpkin Tutorial

“On Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises out of his pumpkin patch & flies through the air with his bag of toys for all the children”

– Linus, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

Every year our lake hosts an annual pumpkin carving contest on Thanksgiving weekend & it’s by far my favourite part of the entire holiday. Competitive is a gross understatement to describe these people (myself included) & we don’t exactly play clean (think bribery, stolen carving utensils & on one occasion, a stolen trophy from a child… cough – dad – cough). But don’t worry, everyone has been friends for years (they were all best friends in high school during the 70’s) so there are no hard feelings & it’s all in good fun. Some of my ‘notable’ pumpkin achievements are a Shark Week pumpkin & Burger & Fries pumpkin: (more…)