Get “Spring” Ready!

“Winter is when an ocean of miserable water falls from the sky. Spring is when an ocean of miserable water gushes out my face.”

via TheFunnyPlace

Although it legitimately pains me to accept that winter – or whatever warped smorgasbord of weather we were just subjected to over the past three months – is coming to a close, I am hesitantly excited for spring/summer & what it has to offer. I say hesitantly only because spring – for lack of a better word – SUCKS in my personal opinion, due to overly glutinous levels of rain, mud & all things “yuck” – it’s sole redeeming quality is that my birthday just so happens to be in April, & for those who’ve been following along for a while now – well, you know this is my absolute favourite day of the year! Anywho – I’m doing my best to embrace all things spring by looking forward to new styles & trends, because with a change in season, comes changes in our health & beauty routines!  Weather definitely has an impact on our skin & obviously plays an influential role in our style selections, so with a few minor adjustments here & there, I’m showing you how to be “spring ready” come March 20th(more…)

Easiest At Home Spa… Using Only Your Kitchen

beau·ti·ful, /ˈbyo͞odəfəl/, adjective

1. pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically

2. of a very high standard, excellent

Sunday November 2nd, 2014, 6:01pm: avocado on face, coconut oil in hair, Raptors game on. Bliss. Struggling to determine blog post for the week? Not so blissful. However as a slightly large chunk of avocado slowly glides down my face & lands on my lap I’m struck by what I believe Oprah deemed the “aha” moment: At Home Spa Day. I love spas, I love face masks, I love nails.. seriously might be a bit of an obsession; if I have one single chip, it causes anxiety (very sad but very true). (more…)