Host a Beer & Food Tasting Party for St. Patrick’s Day

“May your troubles be less & your blessings be more & nothing but hapiness come through your door”

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My sole claim to fame on St. Patrick’s Day is that I’m like, 25% Irish… if I’m recalling this correctly, I believe that it was my great grandmother on my dad’s side that immigrated here to Canada from Ireland a few decades ago. Now regardless of the legitimacy of these memories, I whole heartedly believe that my ** approximate ** quarter Irish heritage entitles me to don an obnoxious amount of shamrock necklaces & rock a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” tee literally every time the 17th of March rolls around.¬†Aside from Halloween, St. Patricks’ Day was legit one of my favourite holidays to celebrate as a student at Western University, & I’ve been desperately attempting to host a classy, “adult” variation of this particular celebration for years… one that doesn’t involve sloppy keg stands followed by mornings filled with regret, sorrow & copious amounts of Advil. Insert: a Beer & Food Tasting Party. (more…)