3 Cottage Appropriate Meals for Canada Day

“On behalf of all Canadians… SORRY for being so awesome all the time”


When you factor out black fly & mosquito season, I’d say summer for us Crazy Canucks culminates to a mere four good, “quality weekends“. So when Canada Day long weekend hits, I tend to reserve said weekends solely for trips up to the Great North – aside from when there is some form of mandatory, “super important” social function tying me to the city, like a wedding or shower of sorts…. Which is just the actual WORST – kidding, kidding – but if we’re actually being honest here, I’m really only half kidding because I take my cottage summer weekends VERY VERY seriously. Anywho – my nonsensical, long-winded intro is not for nothing, what I’m getting at here is that I know the “ins & outs” of all things cottage – not limited to “socially acceptable cottage mannerisms” so to speak. And seeing as how Canada Day officially, officially marks the start of cottages, camping & all things summer social, I thought it apt to discuss one of the more traditional & unspoken, yet totally mandatory, responsibilities of a cottage guest: prepping a meal for the weekend! I’m therefore sharing a few different, SIMPLE meal ideas one can bring up for a summer weekend getaway with friends… because it honestly is such an ART! (more…)

Valentine Dessert Roundup

“A party without cake is just a meeting”

Julia Child

I honestly can’t say that I’ve EVER blogged or written so much about Valentine’s Day in such a condensed time frame! And to be quite frank… I’m more than one hundred percent sure that I’ve exhausted all semi-witty intros I can possibly think of. Which is just peachy considering I oh so willingly decided to dedicate this entire month to literally the one, single “day” that is Valentine’s Day. Le sigh. Anyways, enough whining from me – I just felt you needed a little “disclaimer situation” for future posts this month – onto the good stuff! Valentine’s Day Desserts… but ones that are actually good for you!! EEP! (more…)

How To: Throw A Budget Friendly Halloween Party

“When witches go riding, & black cats are seen, the moon laughs & whispers… it’s near Halloween”

Quotes Pictures

GAH – this past weekend, I celebrated my second annual Halloween Dinner Party up North & I could NOT be happier with how it all turned out – like I am one million percent over the moon ecstatic with the end result. This years’ theme was “Creepy Carnival“, & I wanted to share just how easy it can be to throw a totally inexpensive, themed Halloween bash utilizing primarily recyclable materials & [somewhat] healthy treats!! Side Note: talk about bad timing with the grotesque overabundance of creepy clown sightings… whoops… but I promise I planned this theme & décor a YEAR in advance!!!!   (more…)

Vegan & Gluten Free Severed Finger Sugar Cookies

“I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it”

Edgar Allen Poe

Okay FULL DISCRETION: this recipe was friggin’ HARD! Opting to go for a more plant-based route, I was seriously lacking a good binding agent sans the eggs… are there any solid plant-based bakers out there that have a good solution for this little issue of mine?! LET ME KNOW PLEASE! Don’t get me wrong… the cookies were delicious & I’m totally happy with the end result – but this recipe was seriously a toughie! Nonetheless, I encourage you to try & attempt some form of this ghoulish delight for yourself… because seriously how cute?! (more…)

S’mores… Three Ways!

“Spread S’more Love!”

The Fresh Quotes

Now that the fire ban is officially over up here in Haliburton (hurrah), I’ve done my fair share of celebrating the only way a quintessential cottage gal would know how to do… by roasting an inappropriate amount of s’mores on an open campfire. Hard emphasis on “inappropriate amount“. S’mores are a true delicious, delicacy of the Great North, so today I’m sharing three “better for you” recipes just in time for summers’ end! Labour Day desserts anyone?! (more…)

Let Them Eat [Gluten-Free] Cupcakes

“If we are what we eat… well, I am awfully sweet”


Ever since Lauren Conrad made homemade apple pies for her wedding guests, I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of baking for the big day! [insert collective gasp] YES, I do realize that this probably seems like an insanely daunting & impossible task, however if executed & planned correctly I kind of think that baking your own dessert would add for the most perfect, personal touch! ** Side-Note: keyword = kind of. I shall not be held responsible for the above statement whenever my “big day” comes 😛 (more…)

Monthly Meatless Meals

“Real food doesn’t have ingredients, real food is ingredients”

Jamie Oliver

I am simply swooning over February’s meatless feature!!! This delectable treat looks beyond incredible & I cannot wait to delve right into baking …& subsequently devouring… this vegan, gluten-free apple tart! I mean seriously, if you’d told me these photos were straight out of Martha Stewart Living & I would have 100% believed you. So without further adieu, I warmly introduce you all to Holistic Nutritionist, Tisha Riman!!  (more…)

Monthly Meatless Meals

“Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands”


So I’m fully aware that desserts are typically meatless to begin with, however I had a bit of a sweet tooth this month & simply couldn’t resist these brownies when I saw them… plus they’re made with chickpeas AND they’re gluten free! AMAZING! Needless to say I’m excited to test out our Meatless feature this month, courtesy of the lovely Michelle Tirmandi; Holistic Nutritionist & co-founder of the wellness program Glow Bride! (more…)

Break Up With Bread

“Breaking up is hard to do…”

– Neil Sedaka

Do One Thing

It’s now almost mid January, so this is when you take the time to re-evaluate those promises and resolutions that were made. Maybe you’ve “thrown in the towel” or you’re completely miserable because you absolutely CAN’T live without the things you’ve given up… even though you’re giving it a champion effort!  How and why does this happen? I know for me personally, I always take on more than I can chew. Every year I want to give up coffee, ramp up my exercise regime, try and go on a spending detox; its all too much and at times overwhelming. The last few years I’ve made a promise that I set one major goal and try to stick to it, and only it. This year I want to “Break up with Bread”. (more…)

101 Temptations; Toronto’s Newest Baker

“Life is Short, Eat Dessert First” – Anonymous

I’ve seriously been blessed with some pretty talented family members & luckily for me, a ton of that talent lies in the kitchen (honestly, the spread at my family gatherings is literally what dreams are made of). Why am I telling you this? Because this week my cousin Jessica Linton launched her brand new baking business & I couldn’t be more proud of her! Not to mention that YOU GUYS  are now the lucky ones tasting all of her delectable sweets! Trust me, you’ll thank me later 😉 (more…)