Get “Spring” Ready!

“Winter is when an ocean of miserable water falls from the sky. Spring is when an ocean of miserable water gushes out my face.”

via TheFunnyPlace

Although it legitimately pains me to accept that winter – or whatever warped smorgasbord of weather we were just subjected to over the past three months – is coming to a close, I am hesitantly excited for spring/summer & what it has to offer. I say hesitantly only because spring – for lack of a better word – SUCKS in my personal opinion, due to overly glutinous levels of rain, mud & all things “yuck” – it’s sole redeeming quality is that my birthday just so happens to be in April, & for those who’ve been following along for a while now – well, you know this is my absolute favourite day of the year! Anywho – I’m doing my best to embrace all things spring by looking forward to new styles & trends, because with a change in season, comes changes in our health & beauty routines!  Weather definitely has an impact on our skin & obviously plays an influential role in our style selections, so with a few minor adjustments here & there, I’m showing you how to be “spring ready” come March 20th(more…)

Feeling Sensational: My Morning Routine

“I can rise and shine, just not at the same time”


Considering this month is all about having a sensational summer, I felt that it was only natural to include a piece that was all about feeling sensational this summer as well… tis the season for minimal clothing after all! For me personally, part of feeling sensational is sticking to a strict routine! I absolutely crave, crave, CRAVE routine, & my newest addition to “said routine” is fitting in my workout before work! I AM OBSESSED.  (more…)

Activities For The Wellness Minded Bachelorette Party

“Girls just wanna have fun”

Cyndi Lauper

In case the plethora of cliched “toursity” photos uploaded to Instagram over the weekend didn’t tip you off… I was in Nashville celebrating my cousin’s Bachelorette party!!! To be completely honest I kind of strongly dislike country music, so I was a little skeptical about the whole trip, however despite my uncertainties Nashville completely blew me AWAY! Friends – IT. WAS. AMAZING. Like amaaaaaaaaazing. So I am more than excited to be outlining a few different activities that are perfect for the wellness minded Bachelorette party!  (more…)

Live Out There Exclusive: Long Weekend Adventures For Torontonians

Hello fellow weekend warriors! Long weekend season is upon us and I’m ready to whip out my road-trip attire, camping gear, and beach-stuff. If you’re anything like me and sweaty fist pumping at the local EDM festival and jägerbombs doesn’t wet your whistle quite like it used to, don’t give up hope. There’s a world of things to do this weekend that don’t involve sweat fist pumping and furry leg warmers – Click here for some of the best long weekend adventures for Torontonians!

5 Things You NEED To Know About Barre Beautiful

“If you still look cute after your workout… you didn’t train hard enough”


Barre classes (AKA Pilates-Ballet fusion) seem to be the latest craze that’s sweeping the fitness world by storm! Seriously it is everywhere, & seeing as I’m both a fitness class enthusiast & loyal servant to FOMO, I definitely couldn’t pass on the opportunity to give this new trend a go! Insert: Barre Beautiful, the boutique-style studio located at Yonge & Eglinton! But don’t let the lovely decor fool you friends… this is one tough workout class! Here are the five things you need to know about Barre Beautiful!


My Favourite Hiking Trails in the GTA

“I took a walk in the woods & came out taller than the trees”

-Henry David Thoreau

Ever since I got back from hiking the Inca Trail in Peru last August, I’ve been slightly addicted to it… before that workout classes were my absolute JAM, not that they’re not anymore but it’s good to switch things up a little! There is so much to love about hiking so I thought that I’d share some of my absolute favourite trails in & around the GTA! Get outdoors, get out of the city, & get hiking people! (more…)

City Park Workouts

Post by Abi Roman; OPA Bikini Competitor & Fitness Model

Hey readers! Since this month’s theme is ‘Summer in the City’, I’ll be sharing a fun workout of some of my favourite exercises that can easily be done in a city park! Sometimes it’s boring to be inside at the gym working out on a nice day, so this fun circuit allows you to get some sun while working on that summer body! (more…)

2015 Interview Series: Fitness with Abi

“Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone”

– Neale Donald Walsh

Welcome to the third installment of the HHH, 2015 Interview Series! Can you believe that we’re already halfway through these interviews for the entire year… seriously where has 2015 gone?! I’m particularly excited about this month’s interview because we’re showcasing our very own Fitness Contributor Abi Roman – it’s the perfect opportunity for you guys to get to know her a little bit better. Abi is not only an incredible athlete, but an incredible friend of mine. I chose the above quote for this piece because I truly feel like these words embody both her essence & journey toward becoming a fitness model. I’m so very proud that she has found, & is living out her passion! Please enjoy!  (more…)