The Natural Deodorant Debacle!

Post by: Jamie Fairbairn, Holistic Nutrition Student & National Level Waterskier

I love the smell of a woman/man’s armpit when they aren’t wearing any deodorant

… haha just kidding. Said no-one EVER!

Summer is HERE and since we’ve been discussing ways to help reboot those New-Years Resolutions, I thought that we should discuss a necessary staple for fellow fitness fanatics – deodorant! Whether you’ve been upping your gym routine or simply enjoying the heat wave that is July in Toronto, I will safely assume your deodorant use has been on the rise as well – tell me I’m not the only sweaty, smelly one this summer?! But I’m happy to announce after months of hunting the perfect deodorant that I may (emphasize the may) not be smelly anymore! (more…)