S’mores… Three Ways!

“Spread S’more Love!”

The Fresh Quotes

Now that the fire ban is officially over up here in Haliburton (hurrah), I’ve done my fair share of celebrating the only way a quintessential cottage gal would know how to do… by roasting an inappropriate amount of s’mores on an open campfire. Hard emphasis on “inappropriate amount“. S’mores are a true delicious, delicacy of the Great North, so today I’m sharing three “better for you” recipes just in time for summers’ end! Labour Day desserts anyone?! (more…)

Summer Swaps – “Better For You” Iced Coffee

“Coffee is a language in itself”

Jackie Chan

I am seriously one of those people that absolutely NEEDS to have their morning coffee on the daily. No coffee = A surefire way to guarantee that my day is spent nursing an endless string of headaches – no, this is not a joke – it’s that bad. I completely understand that this is a wildly unhealthy relationship with coffee… especially when I used to be a “double, double” type of gal. However, I’m slowly starting to make some slight adjustments in the whole caffeine department! Baby steps you guys! My new-found obsession, thanks to this sweltering summer, happens to be a “better for you” version of iced coffee.. of which I’m sharing with all of you today! Enjoy! (more…)