How to Incorporate Hygge into a Small Condo

“Hygge is taking the time to slow down, enjoy simple things & feel cozy everyday”


I already know what you’re thinking… what is hygge & why do I need to incorporate it into my condo? I know this because I thought the exact same thing when Wayfair Canada approached me to collaborate & encourage readers to embrace the hygge lifestyle & bring it into their homes! Well, one quick Google search & two cups of coffee later & it turns out, I’m unknowingly already ALL about that hygge life – which FYI is actually pronounced “hoo-ga”; yep –  I’m seriously just as puzzled about the phonetics as I’m assuming all of you are. SO…. what does it all mean? Simply put it’s the state of feeling “cozy” or “comfortable” & it’s NOT just limited to one’s home, it’s actually a Dutch concept & it’s applicable to your entire lifestyle. HOWEVER, for the purposes of this post, we’re focusing on how you can bring certain elements or pieces into your condo in order to help promote feelings of comfort & coziness… AKA – HYGGE!! (more…)