Kitchen & Dining Room Inspirations for Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving is an emotional time. People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year. And then discover once a year is way too often”

Johnny Carson

You GUYS! I have been both mentally & physically prepping my body, mind & soul for the obscene glutinous journey it is about to embark on this Thanksgiving Weekend. All of my stretchiest of leggings & my flowiest of shirts have been laundered, pressed & packed for the cottage & I’m literally counting down the MILISECONDS until 3:01pm this coming Friday afternoon! The excitement is literally so real. Now… I wanted to do something a TAD bit different on the blog this year to commemorate the holiday, & because Thanksgiving IS heavily centred around food & that infamous big Turkey Dinner – AKA you’ll likely be spending a TON of time in the kitchen & dining room – I thought I’d share a few of my favourite kitchen & dining room inspirations, accompanied by some of my personal kitchen entertaining tips for Thanksgiving!!! (more…)

S’mores… Three Ways!

“Spread S’more Love!”

The Fresh Quotes

Now that the fire ban is officially over up here in Haliburton (hurrah), I’ve done my fair share of celebrating the only way a quintessential cottage gal would know how to do… by roasting an inappropriate amount of s’mores on an open campfire. Hard emphasis on “inappropriate amount“. S’mores are a true delicious, delicacy of the Great North, so today I’m sharing three “better for you” recipes just in time for summers’ end! Labour Day desserts anyone?! (more…)

Easy on the Eyes – Tips & Tricks with Saint

“She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos, & you can see it in her eyes”


Although the past two “green beauty” posts have been all about the LIPS, I most certainly have not forgotten about those precious little peepers of yours!!! Eyes are often highly touted as the windows to our soul, so it makes perfect sense that we should pay special attention to them… I mean, that’s a SERIOUS responsibility to uphold!! So today, we’re talking how to accentuate those big, beautiful eyes!!   (more…)

Valentine’s Day: Flirty, Fun Looks

“Love is friendship that has caught fire”

Ann Landers

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means love is officially in the air my friends!!!! Whether celebrating with girlfriends or spending a romantic evening out on the town, Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to get all dolled up! So today, we’re breaking down some flirty, FUN looks that are ideal for “love day”. (more…)

Two Ingredient Hot Chocolate

“Hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside”


Welcome to quite possibly the easiest (& most delicious) recipe on the entire planet. Yes friends, all of your dreams are about to come true with this two-ingredient, homemade hot chocolate. YUM. My boyfriend used to make this for me ALL the time at the cottage, but he’s recently given up sugar so I had to fly solo on this one & let me tell you… the results were JUST as fabulous!  (more…)