Paris… On a Budget!

“Paris exists to remind you that your dreams are real”

Paris Up Close

I seriously feel as though Paris was MONTHS ago!! Can I go back now please? I’ve been meaning to write this blog for the past week or so, but am admittedly still feeling that post-vacay bliss. AKA. I want to do absolutely nothing but sit on my tushie & binge watch The Handmaid’s Tale whilst binge eating baguettes & macarons literally all day. Side Note: I fully realize this situation sounds more like “rut” than “bliss“, but I’m a glass half full kinda gal, so we’re going to go ahead & roll with “bliss” today. So – I FINALLY decided to pull myself together – partially because I’d finished The Handmaid’s Tale (snaps for Peggy), but MOSTLY because I was afraid that all of my Paris tips & tricks (& they’re goodies) would soon be a distant memory & I’d therefore have zero information to give all of you! So… yeah… you’re welcome! 😛  (more…)

Amp up Your Champagne with Some Antioxidant Action

“Champagne living, keep your life sparkling & your glass full”

– Anonymous

I already know what you’re thinking… Are you really trying to pull off a post claiming that champagne is good for your health?! My answer: Not entirely, but kinda sorta? 🙂 Trust me people, I am more than well aware that champagne is loaded with sugar & when consumed in copious amounts, can quite possibly cause the worst hangover of your entire life… but it’s New Years, & I also know that a majority of you will be popping at least one bottle at some point during the evening (plus sometimes you just need to YOLO… life’s about balance right?). So if you plan on having a glass tonight, here’s a few, fun, antioxidant-rich fruits you can add to your bottle of bubbily to maybe make it a teensy bit healthy 😉 (more…)