Tips for Decorating a Small Condo for Thanksgiving

“I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage”

Erma Bombeck

There are many warranted concerns people have when transitioning into condo life; small living space, loud neighbors, high utility fees, & minimal storage are all GREAT examples of such completely warranted concerns. Being filled with sheer & utter dread that you won’t be able to decorate said “small living space” for the holidays? Yeah… not SO warranted! However this concern was legitimately at the very tip top of my list when Andrei & I signed the lease for our 600sq. foot condo in Toronto. I am obsessed with any & all holidays (although Halloween undoubtedly comes in at number one) & the mere thought that a perfectly carved Jack-O-Lantern or a neutral, rustic Christmas tree would not be within the realm of possibilities was just way too much disappointment to bear. No… this little scenario was simply NOT an option. I therefore made it my MISSION to find pieces that work in small spaces, yet still TOTALLY accomplished that nostalgic, holiday vibe I was so, so SO, craving! First up on the holiday list? Thanksgiving! Enjoy! (more…)

All Things Candles!

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”

James Hell

Candles are a serious Godsend when it comes to interior design; they’re often quite cost-effective, create a warm or relaxing ambiance & possess the ability to completely transform any space within your home. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love candles?! Not to mention, I’m nearly one hundred percent sure that candles are super great for the whole “Feng Shui” situation of your home… at least, I think that they are. Seems like this would be an accurate assumption, no? Anywho – today is obviously ALL about the candle, specifically what to look for & what to avoid!  (more…)