Galaxy Photoz – The Uber of Photography

“Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future”

Sally Mann

I think it’s safe to say that me being neurotic about photos would be a gross understatement – heavy emphasis on both “gross” and “understatement”. And when the time eventually comes where I’ll have to book a photographer for some of life’s major milestones… I can’t even imagine, nor do I want to, the amount of stress & annoyance I will inevitably place upon both myself & those nearest & dearest to my heart. Looking for a photographer within your budget, taste & availability is HARD, so when I was approached by Leanne Ferguson, founder of the new Canadian based, photography app Galaxy Photoz Inc to collaborate, I knew that I immediately had to accept! Why? Because the service that this particular app provides will literally save my future self & the poor souls that will have to deal with me, a whole HECK of a lot of grief! (more…)

CycleBar’s Canadian Grand Opening

“You’re only one spin class away from a good mood”

via Pinterest

I am a bona fide “fitness class” connoisseur. Working out to a perfectly curated, 80’s rich playlist whilst executing various movements in complete synchronicity with a group of total & utter sweaty strangers is just my absolute jam. Side Note: I say this without any ounce of sarcasm whatsoever; I am one hundred & ten percent serious. So I’m sure that you can only imagine JUST how entirely excited I was when I was asked to attend the Canadian Grand Opening of CycleBar in Leaside a couple of weeks ago! BEST INVITE EVER! (more…)

December Bucket List

“I planned out our whole day. First we’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of tollhouse cookie dough as fast as we can, and then to finish, we’ll snuggle”

Buddy, Elf

As if your social calendar wasn’t already positively packed with an endless, sugar plum induced haze of  festive extravaganzas… I decided to bestow this perfectly curated Holiday Bucket List upon all of you today! So clear your agendas ladies & gents, there’s Christmas cheer to be had & copious amounts of eggnog & questionable fruit cake to be consumed; all gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, meat-free & of COURSE free from any, & all artificial colours &/or preservatives ;)… totally just kidding, it’s the holidays, & like the one time that I allow myself to eat ALL of the holiday foods… Anywho, here it is! (more…)

4 Ways to Get Your “Winter Glow” On

“Dear winter, I’m breaking up with you. I think it’s time I start seeing other seasons”


So we technically haven’t even hit winter yet, but judging by the plethora of Facebook posts I know that a TON of you are already over this cold weather!! Although bathing suits, shorts & sandals may be a bit of a distant memory, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your summer glow has to fade as well. A couple of months ago I got a few requests to do a post on maintaining a “faux winter glow” using organic & natural products! So I’ve complied a short list of quick tips that you can use to get your glow on all winter long! (more…)

Get More Sleep

“At night, I can’t sleep. In the morning, I can’t wake up”

– Anonymous

Well ain’t that the truth… Seriously though, ever have one of these kinda nights? I used to have them ALL the time in university! Like all the time… in fact, a majority of  my nights were either spent staring helplessly at the ceiling or aimlessly wandering through the house in the hopes that I’d eventually just pass out somewhere. Of course this all changed when I began taking care of myself & eating properly! Sleep is SO important for your health & stress levels! In fact, Health Magazine recently listed “getting more sleep” as one of their top 10, most important Healthy New Years’ Resolutions. So I’ve compiled a short list of what worked for me! (more…)