2017 Kitchen Trends

“Design is thinking… made visual”

Saul Bass

When it comes to increasing your home’s property value, kitchen & bathrooms are arguably two of the more fundamental spaces to consider if you’re planning on undergoing a remodel or refresh! Even small, cosmetic changes to maintain an updated or refreshed look can go a long way when it comes to the resale value of your home! Which is why I’m SO excited because over the next couple of weeks, Senior Designer at Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry, Jack Creasy, is sharing a couple of tips, tricks & trends to keep in mind when remodelling your kitchen & bathrooms in 2017!! On the agenda today? Kitchens!! (more…)

Healthy Kitchens – A Day with Bloomsbury

“The kitchen is the heart of the home”


When we think of the source of our allergies or sensitivities, we often think of those glaringly obvious culprits; pollen, gluten, pets or dust all immediately come to mind without an ounce of hesitation. But what if I told you that in actuality your kitchen may be what’s behind your seemingly never-ending fatigue or those pounding headaches?! Yes, you read that correctly… your kitchen. To be quite frank I was just as shocked as I’m guessing that all of you are – unless of course, I live under a rock, but I’m hoping that’s not the case! However it is one hundred percent true! In fact, just last week, I had the pleasure of touring the Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry workshop & they absolutely schooled me on my lack of healthy kitchen knowledge… which I’m now SUPER excited to share with all of you today! (more…)