Eggnog Ice Cream

“I love celebrating the holidays. Sometimes I’ll even put some eggnog in my rum”


Okay so let’s just be completely honest with one another. Eggnog has, & will always be, the greatest thing that man has ever created over the course of our stint here on planet Earth. It is quite literally what I would imagine consuming dreams & rainbows would be like. Now I can only assume that all of you wholeheartedly accept this statement to be one hundred percent fact, so I therefore took it upon myself to dare to try & make Eggnog even more incredible than it already is. Guys… mission accomplished. This past weekend, Andrei & I made quite possibly the EASIEST Eggnog ice cream EVER. Like even easier than the infamous banana “nice-cream” that has overwhelmingly plagued our Insta feeds for the past two years. Yes… that easy! AND, I mean how perfect for Christmas Dessert right? (more…)

Valentine Dessert Roundup

“A party without cake is just a meeting”

Julia Child

I honestly can’t say that I’ve EVER blogged or written so much about Valentine’s Day in such a condensed time frame! And to be quite frank… I’m more than one hundred percent sure that I’ve exhausted all semi-witty intros I can possibly think of. Which is just peachy considering I oh so willingly decided to dedicate this entire month to literally the one, single “day” that is Valentine’s Day. Le sigh. Anyways, enough whining from me – I just felt you needed a little “disclaimer situation” for future posts this month – onto the good stuff! Valentine’s Day Desserts… but ones that are actually good for you!! EEP! (more…)

Elevated Santa’s Milk & Cookies

“Dear Santa: This year please give me a fat bank account & a slim body. And please don’t mix those two up like you did last year”

Famous Quotes Ever

First & foremost… UGH… I had all of these really wonderful intentions to bestow a plethora of really fun, & fantastical Christmas-themed posts upon all of you this year! However I have recently come to the conclusion that as a “grown-up” Christmas is actually quite stressful, & Andy Williams totally lied when he declared this to be the most “Wonderful Time of the Year” because NEWSFLASH friends… I have never been more swamped, like EVER! Please tell me that I’m not alone on this one! SO in an effort to embrace the craziness that is the holiday season, yet simultaneously recapture some of that whimsical Christmas magic I’m so desperately craving, I’m revamping a Holiday Classic utilizing pre-made, “ready to go” ingredients… zero stress + yummy foods = Christmas Party Hack amazingness! So without further adieu, I give you an elevated version of Santa’s Milk & Cookies!  (more…)

Vegan & Gluten Free Severed Finger Sugar Cookies

“I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it”

Edgar Allen Poe

Okay FULL DISCRETION: this recipe was friggin’ HARD! Opting to go for a more plant-based route, I was seriously lacking a good binding agent sans the eggs… are there any solid plant-based bakers out there that have a good solution for this little issue of mine?! LET ME KNOW PLEASE! Don’t get me wrong… the cookies were delicious & I’m totally happy with the end result – but this recipe was seriously a toughie! Nonetheless, I encourage you to try & attempt some form of this ghoulish delight for yourself… because seriously how cute?! (more…)

Pumpkin Parfait Realness

“Autumn… the years’ last loveliest smile”

William Cullen Bryant

Happy first day of fall ya’ll!! PS. I’m totally NOT typically a “ya’ll” kinda gal, but I simply couldn’t resist… how cute did that sound?! Hashtag Adorbs. ANYWAYS, I thought that I would commemorate my absolute my favourite time of the year with this totally simple, yet totally dreamy, pumpkin parfait recipe! Basics Unite! (more…)

S’mores… Three Ways!

“Spread S’more Love!”

The Fresh Quotes

Now that the fire ban is officially over up here in Haliburton (hurrah), I’ve done my fair share of celebrating the only way a quintessential cottage gal would know how to do… by roasting an inappropriate amount of s’mores on an open campfire. Hard emphasis on “inappropriate amount“. S’mores are a true delicious, delicacy of the Great North, so today I’m sharing three “better for you” recipes just in time for summers’ end! Labour Day desserts anyone?! (more…)

Black Cherry & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Floats

“Without ice cream, there would be darkness & chaos”

Don Kardong

When my dad first introduced me to ice cream floats as a child, I legitimately had zero idea how such a seemingly outlandish merging of items could taste SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD! I mean, this concoction is essentially fizzy, soda water topped with large dollops of frozen sugar milk…. how?! Answer: Who knows, but it’s seriously unreal & whomever decided to drop ‘said dollop’ of frozen sugar milk into ‘said glass’ of fizzy, soda water was pure genius. THANK-YOU! Below is a revamped, “better for you” alternative to this sweet, childhood treat! (more…)

Summer Swaps – “Better For You” Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

“I was supposed to have a nice body for people to look at this summer. There’s just one small problem, I like food better than I like people”


I truly love all things food. Food is amazing. One of my more recent food obsessions (along with seemingly everyone else on Planet Earth), is the ever so Insta-worthy delicacy that is Charcuterie Boards! They’re the perfect staple for any summer soiree, however they’re not always the most “healthy” of dinner party options! So today, I wanted to include a “better for you” alternative, because let’s face it… they’re way too good NOT to eat! (more…)