Wedding Diaries: Bridal Beauty Regimen

“Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not”

Dr. Howard Murad

First comes love…. then comes several consecutive months of gruelling, tedious & downright agonizing beauty & fitness regimens in order to look straight fire on the Wedding Day. Pain is beauty right? If you’ve been keeping up with any of my Wedding Recaps then you’ll know that I am willing to commit unspeakable acts in order to both look & feel great when I awkwardly teeter in heels strut down the aisle. I mean I GET that beauty is skin deep & all, but sometimes a little facial serum or mud mask situation never hurt ANYONE. Thankfully I’ve recently partnered up with a skincare brand that is effortless to use, effective & one hundred percent pain-less…. I am seriously crushing on them atm! Insert: Nourishe Organics(more…)

Bridal Beauty Routine

“Their happiness was in each other’s keeping, and both were unafraid”


Looking & feeling your best during the Big Day is totally paramount, what with all eyes (& cameras) on YOU! However, the craziness that is planning the actual wedding can sometimes derail your strict bridal, beauty regiment. I therefore wanted to do a quick roundup up of easy-to-use beauty products from Andalou that are so quintessentially, bride-to-be it’s not even funny… I mean the product line name is “1000 Roses” – need I say more?! (more…)

Believing in Beauty

Post by Jamie Fairbairn; Holistic Nutrition Student & National Waterskier 

Hey guys, in honour of beauty month I wanted to tell you how absolutely beautiful you are. You’re beautiful, and you’re beautiful, and you over there – yup– beautiful too! Believe it or not…actually, scratch the “not” and just believe!


Easy on the Eyes – Tips & Tricks with Saint

“She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos, & you can see it in her eyes”


Although the past two “green beauty” posts have been all about the LIPS, I most certainly have not forgotten about those precious little peepers of yours!!! Eyes are often highly touted as the windows to our soul, so it makes perfect sense that we should pay special attention to them… I mean, that’s a SERIOUS responsibility to uphold!! So today, we’re talking how to accentuate those big, beautiful eyes!!   (more…)

Stop Body Shaming… NOW!

“We rise by uplifting others”

– Robert Ingersoll

Rarely do things irritate or make me angry. However the sudden rise of social media & the ever-elusive “Insta-famous” phenomenon has created a society that is seemingly overly obsessed with body image… & consequently “body shaming”. This term, this ‘act’ of “body shaming”, THIS is what irritates me. We live in a world where Photoshop is no longer reserved exclusively for celebrities gracing the covers of high-fashion magazines, but where everyday people can download apps to alter & shave down body parts prior to posting a nearly unrecognizable version of themselves onto social media. Believe me, I’m definitely one for a good Instagram filter… but I feel like this is too far.  (more…)

Eco-Friendly, Beauty Toolkit

“Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let Yourself Shine Through”

– Janelle Monae

Before we get started, I have to admit that applying makeup is not necessarily my forte… successfully pulling off an even, winged eyeliner is about as adventurous/’wild’ as I’m ever going to get. However that’s not to say that I don’t know at least a thing or two about the actual products that I’m lathering onto my skin! So keeping in tune with our “Summer in the City” theme this month, I wanted to outline an eco-friendly, beauty toolkit that’s perfect for a night out on the town… including the post-party makeup removal! (more…)

Easiest At Home Spa… Using Only Your Kitchen

beau·ti·ful, /ˈbyo͞odəfəl/, adjective

1. pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically

2. of a very high standard, excellent

Sunday November 2nd, 2014, 6:01pm: avocado on face, coconut oil in hair, Raptors game on. Bliss. Struggling to determine blog post for the week? Not so blissful. However as a slightly large chunk of avocado slowly glides down my face & lands on my lap I’m struck by what I believe Oprah deemed the “aha” moment: At Home Spa Day. I love spas, I love face masks, I love nails.. seriously might be a bit of an obsession; if I have one single chip, it causes anxiety (very sad but very true). (more…)

Goddess Egg White Facial

               What if I told you that you could get an instant face lift for about a nickle? Absolutely terrifying prospect.. sounds like I’m sending you to some back alley pop up cosmetic surgeon’s clinic, thankfully however that’s not the case. Today’s blog post is a DIY egg white face mask designed to moisturize, lighten and repair your skin without chemical or toxic fillers that are prevalent in today’s overpriced and underwhelming products. Sure, the results won’t be as drastic or effective as botox & surgery but I guarantee you’ll feel the difference in your skin immediately, not to mention you’ll be saving a TON of money.