Canada Day Cottage Essentials

“If a Canadian falls in the forest & no one is around… does he/she still apologize?”


Ps. The answer is undoubtedly always yes. HAI there my fellow crazy Canucks! What are your plans to celebrate the big “150” this weekend? I personally plan on commemorating this special occasion by planting my pretty little keister in a Muskoka Chair lakeside, with a ceasar in one hand & a…. oh heck, who am I kidding – with a ceasar in the other one too… because obviously. Well, considering lakeside Northern escapes are kind of our jam here in the Great White North, I felt it apt to share a few of my favourite beach/dock/pool essentials – however I’ve tailored them slightly to accommodate Canada Day celebrations!!!! Enjoy, & have a happy Canada Day!!!!  (more…)

Total Body Exercises for Everyone’s Exercise Bank

Post by: Jamie Fairbairn, Holistic Nutrition Student & National Level Waterskier

Hey guys! Summer is upon us and that means, it’s almost “beach body” season! I’m pretty amped to share 4 of my favourite, super cool exercises with you that I try to incorporate weekly into my own workout routine. They target almost the entire body and require very little equipment, so you can take these with you wherever you go! I love being able to have an “exercise bank” of go-to moves… and I hope you do too! (more…)

The HHH Beach Bag Essentials

Post by, “The Contributors of HHH”:

“Life is Better at the Beach”


There is seriously nothing worse than getting all the way to the beach, only to realize that you’ve forgotten an essential – personally, I cannot deal without sunglasses… squinting does not look cute on me. I therefore thought that it would be a fun idea for the HHH team to put together a list of our “Top Beach Bag Essentials” (with some health tips thrown in of course)! ENJOY! (more…)

Beach Ready: “Abi’s Abs”

Post by Abi Roman; Fitness Model and OPA Bikini Athlete:

Hey guys! With summer just around the corner, this month’s post is going to be all about achieving your ‘Beach Ready’ look. Right now is the perfect time to follow these simple tips and get motivated to achieve your beach bod goals for this summer! (more…)