10 Childhood- Inspired Activities to Celebrate Summer

Post by: Jamie Fairbarin, Holistic Nutrition Student & National Level Waterskier 

How did you spend your childhood summers? Are there any classic summer pastimes you can remember fondly but perhaps haven’t done in a while? Life’s other obligations and responsibilities can certainly get in the way of summertime fun but let’s bring some of these memories back into fruition! (more…)

Activities For The Wellness Minded Bachelorette Party

“Girls just wanna have fun”

Cyndi Lauper

In case the plethora of cliched “toursity” photos uploaded to Instagram over the weekend didn’t tip you off… I was in Nashville celebrating my cousin’s Bachelorette party!!! To be completely honest I kind of strongly dislike country music, so I was a little skeptical about the whole trip, however despite my uncertainties Nashville completely blew me AWAY! Friends – IT. WAS. AMAZING. Like amaaaaaaaaazing. So I am more than excited to be outlining a few different activities that are perfect for the wellness minded Bachelorette party!  (more…)

Live Out There Exclusive: Long Weekend Adventures For Torontonians

Hello fellow weekend warriors! Long weekend season is upon us and I’m ready to whip out my road-trip attire, camping gear, and beach-stuff. If you’re anything like me and sweaty fist pumping at the local EDM festival and jägerbombs doesn’t wet your whistle quite like it used to, don’t give up hope. There’s a world of things to do this weekend that don’t involve sweat fist pumping and furry leg warmers – Click here for some of the best long weekend adventures for Torontonians!

Live Out There Exclusive: Best Activities For Adventurous Couples

Dinner and a movie = quintessential dating protocol. Not that there’s anything wrong with this tried-and-true classic, but sometimes it’s healthy to practice a little less “Netflix and Chill”and a little more “Socialize and Sweat” … seriously how many times can one watch a Nicholas Sparks’ inspired film?! Time to get your keesters off of the couch lovebirds! Click HERE for my Live Out There list of cool alternative activities to try out with your significant other!

Winter Activities for the Holidays

“My favourite winter activity is going back inside & putting my pajamas on”

– Anonymous

Happy Friday & Happy Holidays people, because today officially marks the first day of Christmas break for kiddos across Ontario!! Do you remember getting that rush at the 3pm bell?! Pure & utter bliss. But although kids near & far may be rejoicing, parents often dread having to keep up with their candy-cane, sugar riddled children for two straight weeks. I therefore wanted to put together a short list of fun, winter activities designed to not only keep the kids busy, but also tips on how to keep fit for the average person over the holidays! Not to mention that keeping a regular fitness schedule & engaging in winter related activities can help combat the “winter blues”! ENJOY!  (more…)

Stay Fit Over the Long Weekend

As the August long weekend quickly approaches, thousands of Canadians prep for three days of sunshine, “docktails”, sweaty fist pumping at the local EDM festival & a disgusting overindulgence in good ol’ Canadian bacon. Laziness is what defines long weekends. In fact one of my favourite things about the cottage is that you could be doing absolutely nothing & still feel like you’re doing something. The downside? You’ve put in months at the gym perfecting your beach bod, all to have it go to waste over a few days of excess. As my mother always says “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips” …I seriously hate that saying… Thankfully this past Monday, my aunt posted some nutritious health hints to help combat that extra holiday weight so I found it fitting that today’s post should be all about activities!

Being cooped up in a gym isn’t exactly a priority over the long weekend & with most people out of the city completely it can be near impossible to squeeze in some outdoor activities. The following is a list of cottage & summer friendly activities designed to make you aware of just how easy it can be to fit fitness into your holiday plans: