My Clinic Closet: Halloween Edition

“Double, double, toil & trouble, fire burn & cauldron bubble”


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This is my all-time favourite holiday so it was an absolute no BRAINER that this month’s My Clinic Closet should feature some past Halloween costumes of mine! BOO!

October: A Spooktacular Spectacle!

Favourite Group Costume  Britney Spears from “Me Against the Music”

 photo (76)

My university roommates & I each dressed up as Britney Spears in different music videos! This was so fun.. especially since I’m a major Britney fan girl! 

Favourite Couples Costume – Pinky & The Brain

photo 1

My boyfriend is such a good sport! He definitely deserves an A+ for going along with this costume… not to mention he looks happier than me while sporting it! 😛

Favourite DIY  Day of The Dead 

photo 2 (36)

My friend asked if I wanted to do this a couple of years ago & I’m so happy that we did it! I loved the intricate face makeup & piecing this outfit together was even more fun than wearing it!

Happy Halloween! What are some of your favourite costumes?!


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