Feeling Sensational: My Morning Routine

“I can rise and shine, just not at the same time”


Considering this month is all about having a sensational summer, I felt that it was only natural to include a piece that was all about feeling sensational this summer as well… tis the season for minimal clothing after all! For me personally, part of feeling sensational is sticking to a strict routine! I absolutely crave, crave, CRAVE routine, & my newest addition to “said routine” is fitting in my workout before work! I AM OBSESSED. 

My Morning Routine

Truth be told, I’ve really never been a morning person! Heck, I’m still not a morning person. However, I’ve slowly but surely trained my body to simply suck it up & get “to it” in la mañana! And let me tell you, not only does my body feel more amazing, but these morning rituals help set the tone for an amazing day – I seriously feel like Superwoman when I partake in an early morning sweat session!!! PLUS my evenings are now absolutely, positively FREE  to do whatever I may please (AKA binge watch GOT!!!!!).

Not to mention, I’ve noticed that less people frequent the gym during these hours, so sweaty crowds are so not an issue (bonus)!!!

So without further adieu, here’s my minute-by-minute, morning routine!

photo 1 (55)

photo 1 (56)

photo 2 (56)

photo 2 (57)

photo 3 (35)

photo 3 (36)

photo 4 (16)

photo 4 (17)

photo 5 (9)

What makes YOU feel sensational?!


3 thoughts on “Feeling Sensational: My Morning Routine

  1. Norma Linton

    My routine similar to yours, at the condo gym by 8:45 am treadmill for 2 miles, on the yoga mat for abs, then 15 minutes of weights, then shower, off to McDonalds for great cup of coffee.


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