HI!!!! Welcome to my little space on the interweb!!! I began this blog because I have a love affair with both writing & all things wellness related; a means to blend my passions together. With strong roots in synchronized swimming, I’ve always known that I would pursue a career in the health & fitness industry… I just wasn’t sure where exactly. My love for holistic and natural health began when I took a course in Alternative Medicine at Western University; needless to say, I was hooked! A year later I began attending The Edison Institute of Nutrition.

Buuuuuuut then I decided to scratch all of that & explore my TRUE passion – writing, social media & wellness!

This is a space where I’m able to share my love for fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, & natural health with all of YOU! Do I make a few mistakes here & there… sure, I’m human!! I’m not perfect – I eat the occasional fried chicken wing, get shellac manicures & use a few conventional beauty products here & there! But I try my best to live an overall, healthy & balanced lifestyle!

AKA….. this is my **almost** natural life!!

So sit down & stay a while :). I promise to make it worth it!


xx Brit Linton

B.A. Hon. Kinesiology, Edison Institute of Nutrition

                                                  Founder & Creator of healthyhappyandhilarious.com

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    • Brittany Linton

      Thanks so much Botanical Obsession! Your blog is also so beautiful! So awesome that we can interact like this!

  1. TISHA

    Dear Fellow Canadian, student of Homeopathy And living well for life. You go gurl. Love your blog and gosh we have so much in common 🙂

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