How to Incorporate Hygge into a Small Condo

“Hygge is taking the time to slow down, enjoy simple things & feel cozy everyday”


I already know what you’re thinking… what is hygge & why do I need to incorporate it into my condo? I know this because I thought the exact same thing when Wayfair Canada approached me to collaborate & encourage readers to embrace the hygge lifestyle & bring it into their homes! Well, one quick Google search & two cups of coffee later & it turns out, I’m unknowingly already ALL about that hygge life – which FYI is actually pronounced “hoo-ga”; yep –  I’m seriously just as puzzled about the phonetics as I’m assuming all of you are. SO…. what does it all mean? Simply put it’s the state of feeling “cozy” or “comfortable” & it’s NOT just limited to one’s home, it’s actually a Dutch concept & it’s applicable to your entire lifestyle. HOWEVER, for the purposes of this post, we’re focusing on how you can bring certain elements or pieces into your condo in order to help promote feelings of comfort & coziness… AKA – HYGGE!! Read More

Nailing The Wedding Dress Appointment

“So for my dress I’m thinking vintage chic, you know, like vintage classic, but a little more modern or like urban chic with a rustic twist”


Holy crap I bought a freakin’ wedding dress. I BOUGHT A WEDDING DRESS! Things are officially, officially beginning to feel very real! I’m actually somewhat of a pessimist & honestly didn’t think that I would ever truly fall in love with a wedding dress, but the now tear-drenched sample currently housed within the depths of the Bella’s Brides’ chambers has proven me otherwise. YAY! I’m officially a convert guys, & will obviously now be unloading all of my ultra-amazing “one-time-wedding-dress-shopping-knowledge” unto you. ENJOY! Read More

Essentials: Scandinave Spa in Blue Mountain

“Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment”


I did it. I finally realized my life long dream of receiving a rubdown at the Scandinave Spa last week. It was everything I imagined it would be & so much more! Andrei practically had to pull my nearly comatose body from the Eucalyptus Steam Room because there was no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that I was going to leave that place on my own free will. It was pure magic – everything from the massage to the saunas to the hot baths & EVEN the cold plunges (which yes I TOTALLY did… multiple times!) was absolute perfection. I would go back in a freakin’ heartbeat, but there are definitely some things that I would bring with me next time to enhance my Scandinave experience just that much more! Read More

Roots 2018 Spring Collection – What to Expect

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can live in Canada & that’s pretty much the same thing”


Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Roots Canada #ShareTheWarmth Event in support of Heart & Stroke & to preview their 2018 Spring Collection. I honestly have ZERO idea what I did to deserve an invite to this amazing & ultra exclusive media event but I am certainly NOT MAD AT IT! I can honestly say that I really loved the whole vibe that Roots is going for this upcoming season – it had a very Yeezy, Vintage feel which I think is very “of the now“, yet Roots simultaneously still managed to make this trend their own! It most definitely still felt VERY  quintessentially “Roots” to me which I think is incredibly important for any brand to maintain in a sea of mega clothing lines! Below are a few snaps of some of my favourite pieces from the event that I NEED in my closet… like YESTERDAY!  Read More

Four Rose Scented Natural Beauty Products

“Roses are red, violets are blue, wine is cheaper than dinner for two”


Roses are without a doubt a universally beloved scent. There is just something so classic & timeless, yet alluring, about roses that makes me want to literally smother them all over my entire body at all times. Like if I could fully immerse myself in rose-infused bath water, I would probably be more inclined to cleanse myself on more of a regular basis. A sentiment I can only assume Andrei would be very much on board with as well. NOW considering that Valentine’s Day is little more than one week away, I thought that I would share a few of my favourite, natural rose scented products with all of you today! Because who doesn’t want to smell like roses on Valentine’s Day?! Spoiler Alert: The answer is nobody.  Read More

Wedding Diaries: 13 Months Out

“Lets decide who we’re inviting to our wedding & who will never speak to us again”


Well, we’re officially about one month deep into some serious, full-blown wedding planning & this whole bridal ordeal still doesn’t feel anymore “real” than it did on the very first day of our engagement. In fact, I’m nearly positive it won’t fully feel like we’re actually getting married ’til we’re up at the altar exchanging “I do’s” – & by exchanging “I do’s” I actually mean wailing uncontrollably whilst attempting to verbalize literally anything that resembles words or a vow… THIS I am sure of. It’s going to be an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. Now regardless of whether or not the wedding ITSELF actually feels “real”, we still have to plan the freakin’ thing – AND considering the elusive “wedding planning timeline” is one of the biggest qualms for any newly engaged couple – I thought I’d share a monthly recap of OUR timeline here. Not that it’s right or accurate anything – but use it as a guideline, OR learn from our mistakes!! So without further ado… welcome to our first monthly recap! ENJOY! Read More

Four Unconventional Valentine’s Day Gifts

“I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. When I think of romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon”


To be one hundred percent honest here, Andrei & I barley celebrate Valentine’s Day. Okay scratch that – we do not celebrate Valentine’s Day in any way shape or form, BUT I actually happen to totally love Valentine’s Day!! It brings the nostalgia factor in such a major way for me – anyone else remember writing out cards for classmates in elementary school?!?! Just the BEST! I choo-choo-choose you! *** said in Ralph Wiggum’s voice*** Okay sorry for the minor, & slightly annoying, deviation – ANYWHO, it’s honestly more of a laziness issue on both our parts that we forgo this particular “holiday” altogether, but for those of you that DO fully embrace this love-fest of a day – I’m sharing four totally unconventional gift ideas for Valentine’s Day… because who wants roses & chocolatesit’s basic AF! Read More

What to do in Cottage Country this Winter

“I’m not going outside, until the temperature is above my age”


Believe it or not, I actually prefer winter cottaging to summer cottaging… GASP – say it ain’t so?! It is “so” my friends, it is VERY so! Contrary to popular opinion, I find there to be so much MORE to do up North during the winter months in comparison to your quintessential hot “Cottage Season” that us Canucks have grown oh so very fond of – but  honestly, it was literally SO freakin’ hard to narrow the below list down to just 10 winter activities I swear to you! So I challenge you all to switch up your mindset just a little bit & embrace all that winter season up North at the cottage has to offer! You won’t regret it…  Read More

5 Winter Skincare Tips

“I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter”


Bomb cyclones & polar vortex’s getting you down? SAMESIES! I’m the first to admit that I love me some cold winters – heck, we’re even getting married in the winter – but I think it’s safe to say that this particular winter season has been a bit of a doozy in terms of freakishly low temperatures. Like seriously freakish. THIS kind of winter possesses the very real potential to wreak unprecedented havoc on our skin of the likes we have never seen before, & lets be real… a chapped face & crusty hands, a la the Night King, is most definitely not a cute look on anyone. So lets go over some basic winter skincare practices shall we? Read More

5 Things to Do Before Attending Wedding Shows

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”

The Daily Hostess

To be completely & utterly honest here, I am not the biggest fan of attending Wedding Shows. This year marks the 3rd consecutive year that I have been to Canada’s Bridal Show at the Metro Convention Centre (twice as an MOH & now as the bride) & while I TOTALLY appreciate their purpose & the convenience of having about a bajillion vendors all in one confined space – not to mention, a few killer deals -it is also an extremely overwhelming & intimidating experience! Like very overwhelming. BUT – there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you can get the MOST out of your experience & really focus on snagging yourself quality vendors that you absolutely LOVE & are within your budget!  Read More