Eco-Friendly, Punny Valentine’s Day Cards

“You’re my butter half”


Okay serious question, how much did you just absolutely LOVE Valentine’s Day as a child? Particularly going desk to desk to deliver those fantastically cheesy, Disney-themed cards – of which everyone seemed to have the exact same variety of – to your classmates?! Gah, just the BEST! I mean, as a kid there is absolutely zero pressure to make dinner reservations, buy the perfect gift, post the most artistically amazing photo of roses on Instagram, whilst professing an undying love for the giver of said roses. Ah, the good ol’ days as a child.. where the only worry was whether or not your classmates would tape one of those surprisingly delicious drugstore bought chocolates onto their envelopes (those kids were seriously the BEST!).  So in an effort to bring back the nostalgia factor in a major way this Valentine’s Day, I tried out some seriously cute, Eco-friendly, & DIY Valentine’s Day cards… all of which include some sort of pun situation, well, because of COURSE.  Read More

2017 Beauty & Makeup Trends

“Makeup is only meant to enhance beauty. Not cover it”


Look… I get it. I know that we’re all supposed to adhere to the whole morally responsible, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or “beauty is subjective” millennial belief system. But to be completely honest here, sometimes a gal just needs a good ol’ fashioned, generic beauty guide of somewhat socially acceptable makeup trends to get her through the day. Am I right?! Because I sure as heck know that my grade ten, “frosted gloss and metallic, eye-shadow obsessed self” would have thoroughly appreciated some form of guidance in regards to what was, so called, “in” during the times. Side Note: It seriously pains me to look back at these photos because there was, and never will be, anything remotely “okay” with a jet black raccoon eye & pink frosted gloss combination. Le sigh. Read More


“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit”

Michael Kors

Happy 2017 folks! I trust (well, HOPE) that each & every single one of you enjoyed the holiday season. I, of course, spent a good majority of the holidays up North at the cottage, of which, also of course, has been exhaustively documented on Instagram – ya’ll know I can’t resist a good Insta-opportunity when I see one! This being a new year chock-full of new trends, I thought it apt to delve right into this year’s’ most sought-after products in the wellness industry. First on the 2017 Trend Agenda: Eco-friendly Accessories are like, SO hot right now! Read More

This Month on HHH…

“My goal is to spread ideas. Trends always start at the top.”

Homaro Cantu

Happy 2017!!! I can’t believe that we’ve already ushered in a brand new year – I hope that you all had a fabulous time while ringin’ it in! I literally spent it doing absolutely NOTHING up at the cottage, & I don’t think that it could have been more perfect! Bubbly, board games… BLISS! Anywho to help celebrate the coming of a new year, I’ll be sharing all things “trend forecast” on the blog this month!

Be on the lookout for 2017 Jewelry and Foodie Trends, and focusing on how to MAKE Your Life Look Great on Instagram (there is a NON superficial point to this I totally promise)!!! Not to mention, Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching so I’ll be sharing a few romantical posts and content on here also!

New year, new trends… Can’t WAIT!

What would you like to see on the blog this month?!



My Top Ten Memories of 2016

“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun”

Quote Diary

WOW… I simply CANNOT believe that 2016 is coming to an end!!! This has been one heck of a year, & I couldn’t be more excited for what 2017 has in store. As some of you may know, NYE isn’t really my jam (the build-up & pressure gives me WAY too much anxiety quite frankly), however I always like to take a little moment to reflect on some of the best memories over the past year! Below are my top ten from 2016! Read More