Drive-In Essentials

“Cinema is entertainment, & people go to the movies because they want to feel good & forget about everything”

Vincent Cassel

My boyfriend & I try to get to the drive-in at LEAST two times each summer! It’s one of our absolute favourite things to do this season [aside from heading up North every possible chance we can get!!!!], & if you’ve never experienced the magic that is a drive-in… I seriously suggest that you give it a go! I’m obsessed with watching movies under the stars, I’m obsessed with the glorious scent of the vintage concession stand, & I’m obsessed with the 1960’s commercials of animated hot-dogs & bags of popcorn dancing frivolously about the screen; signifying the end of intermission! I’M OBSESSED WITH IT ALL. So in honour of “nostalgia month” here on HHH, I’m listing off my go-to, drive-in essentials! Read More

Black Cherry & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Floats

“Without ice cream, there would be darkness & chaos”

Don Kardong

When my dad first introduced me to ice cream floats as a child, I legitimately had zero idea how such a seemingly outlandish merging of items could taste SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD! I mean, this concoction is essentially fizzy, soda water topped with large dollops of frozen sugar milk…. how?! Answer: Who knows, but it’s seriously unreal & whomever decided to drop ‘said dollop’ of frozen sugar milk into ‘said glass’ of fizzy, soda water was pure genius. THANK-YOU! Below is a revamped, “better for you” alternative to this sweet, childhood treat! Read More

How To Throw A Grown-Up Slumber Party

“Keep calm, & put your jammies on”


To be completely honest here, I was never one to really love the whole slumber party situation. I’m typically more of a “comforts of home” type of gal, but I can TOTALLY appreciate the appeal that these candy-fueled, all-night bingers can have for a group of pre-tween girls! HOWEVER… now that I am a self-proclaimed “mature” adult, I’m so here for this sophisticated version of ladies night in; AKA: an adult slumber party!! I mean, hello… Bachelorette Party Inspo!!!!  Read More

This Month on HHH…

“The more you love a memory, the stronger & stranger it is”

Vladimir Nabokov

There’s something about summer that always leaves me longing for the good ol’ days of sunny skies, warm nights… & zero responsibilities. My sometimes unhealthy fixation with reminiscing on the past is very real, so I’m VERY excited to delve into all things nostalgia on the blog this month!

We’re talking “Better For You” S’mores & Ice Cream Floats, Drive-Inn Staples & how to throw the best Grown Up Slumber Party! On top of that, every Workout Song Wednesday post this month will be a MAJOR throwback!!! Essentially everything on the blog during August is literally what all of my childhood dreams are made of! CAN”T WAIT!

What would YOU like to see on the blog this month?!



Here are the three things I’m currently obsessed with in the wellness industry…

Currently: July 2016

1. Starbucks has begun testing 100% recyclable cups: In the UK, Starbucks has begun transitioning from laminated plastic cups to 100% recyclable cups! Snaps for eco-friendly corporations!

2. Pokemon Go: Haters, gonna hate! I LOVE that this  game encourages kids to get out and get moving!! Kids playing video games in a dark basement < Kids getting outside & walking around playing Pokemon Go. Argument, over!

3. Nike Uses Plus Size Model In Ads: Nike featured social media star and plus size model, Paloma Elsessor in their most recent marketing campaign to encourage women to embrace their bodies!

What are you currently obsessed with?!

Summer Swaps – “Better For You” Iced Coffee

“Coffee is a language in itself”

Jackie Chan

I am seriously one of those people that absolutely NEEDS to have their morning coffee on the daily. No coffee = A surefire way to guarantee that my day is spent nursing an endless string of headaches – no, this is not a joke – it’s that bad. I completely understand that this is a wildly unhealthy relationship with coffee… especially when I used to be a “double, double” type of gal. However, I’m slowly starting to make some slight adjustments in the whole caffeine department! Baby steps you guys! My new-found obsession, thanks to this sweltering summer, happens to be a “better for you” version of iced coffee.. of which I’m sharing with all of you today! Enjoy! Read More