CycleBar’s Canadian Grand Opening

“You’re only one spin class away from a good mood”

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I am a bona fide “fitness class” connoisseur. Working out to a perfectly curated, 80’s rich playlist whilst executing various movements in complete synchronicity with a group of total & utter sweaty strangers is just my absolute jam. Side Note: I say this without any ounce of sarcasm whatsoever; I am one hundred & ten percent serious. So I’m sure that you can only imagine JUST how entirely excited I was when I was asked to attend the Canadian Grand Opening of CycleBar in Leaside a couple of weeks ago! BEST INVITE EVER! Read More

Get “Spring” Ready!

“Winter is when an ocean of miserable water falls from the sky. Spring is when an ocean of miserable water gushes out my face.”

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Although it legitimately pains me to accept that winter – or whatever warped smorgasbord of weather we were just subjected to over the past three months – is coming to a close, I am hesitantly excited for spring/summer & what it has to offer. I say hesitantly only because spring – for lack of a better word – SUCKS in my personal opinion, due to overly glutinous levels of rain, mud & all things “yuck” – it’s sole redeeming quality is that my birthday just so happens to be in April, & for those who’ve been following along for a while now – well, you know this is my absolute favourite day of the year! Anywho – I’m doing my best to embrace all things spring by looking forward to new styles & trends, because with a change in season, comes changes in our health & beauty routines!  Weather definitely has an impact on our skin & obviously plays an influential role in our style selections, so with a few minor adjustments here & there, I’m showing you how to be “spring ready” come March 20thRead More

This Month On HHH….

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, & gorgeous at the end”

Robin Sharma

I am one thousand percent one of those people that absolutely despises everything, & anything to do with change in ALL of its entirety. Comfort zones & familiar routines are both circumstances in which I tend to thrive, so anything that challenges the intimate personal bubble in which I have carefully curated for myself over the years, appears to be somewhat intimidating or daunting… to say the least. So in an effort to rid myself of this ridiculous little phobia of mine, I have (somewhat hesitantly) decided to dedicate March to all things change & how to deal with it.

March in itself is a month bred on change, what with the transitioning of seasons/weather etc; top that off some some major personal changes that are going on in my life at the moment, & I’ve found myself in a smorgasbord of change that has peaked my anxiety far too often than I’d care to admit!! SO this month, I’m going to attempt to embrace change in a positive light – I’ll be touching on some of the lighter subjects (my personal favs), like how to deal with certain skincare or lifestyle habits during this change in season, while simultaneously delving into things with a bit more depth, ie. learning to say no (for all of my fellow people-pleasers!) & so much more!

Stay Tuned 😉


Massage Essentials

“Dear Stress… let’s break up”

As we say farewell to one of the most romantic months of the year, I thought that it would be rather appropriate to give it a proper sendoff by sharing some of my favourite at home massage essentials for a romantic spa day IN! After having not been to the spa in almost a year now (gasp – I KNOW!), Andrei & I recently went to a couple’s massage & it reminded me of just how NECESSARY it is to set aside some time to relax. TBH I could one thousand percent use a massage literally right about now, there are seriously a gazillion stressful things going on in my life at the moment, & my back is essentially one large tangled MESS 🙂  However that’s another post, for another day! Anywho – onto the good stuff shall we?! Read More

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

“Just wanted to thank you in advance for the flowers I’m going to send to myself, & pretend are from you”

“your ecards”

Well HELLO there my frantic little, last-minute lovebirds! We’re cutting it real close this year, aren’t we?! Honestly not to fret, I’m sitting here typing this post on my high & mighty horse, but in reality I have yet to even THINK about what I’d like to get Andrei this year for Valentine’s Day – which I promise, STILL qualifies me in the whole “gift guide” writing department because I totally have lots of ideas for the ladies out there! So men, if there are any men that happen to read my blogs, please take note. 😉 Side Note: Also, ladies you can take note too because these are PERFECT gifts to give to your BFF’s for Galentines Day, or seriously just pamper yourselves & grab a few trinkets, because snaps for self-love right?  Read More

Valentine Dessert Roundup

“A party without cake is just a meeting”

Julia Child

I honestly can’t say that I’ve EVER blogged or written so much about Valentine’s Day in such a condensed time frame! And to be quite frank… I’m more than one hundred percent sure that I’ve exhausted all semi-witty intros I can possibly think of. Which is just peachy considering I oh so willingly decided to dedicate this entire month to literally the one, single “day” that is Valentine’s Day. Le sigh. Anyways, enough whining from me – I just felt you needed a little “disclaimer situation” for future posts this month – onto the good stuff! Valentine’s Day Desserts… but ones that are actually good for you!! EEP! Read More

How to Style Your Home For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day tends to be a little overlooked in the holiday home décor department. Look, I get it… you’re more likely envisioning perfectly coloured pastel eggs or rustic winter wreaths over a sculpture of a winged naked man touting a bow and arrow when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays! But I’m sharing a couple of tips & tricks over on the Linen Chest blog on how to style your home for Valentine’s Day! Click HERE for the full article!